National key special stem cell and transformation research project start-didadi

The national key project "Research on stem cells and transformation" project started – Beijing, China News Agency, Kunming, November 1 (Wang Yanlong) China national key research project "targeted gene editing establishment of nervous system diseases and stem cell therapy monkey model project of" 1 at the Kunming University of Science and Technology started, the project will be through the experimental study of "answer" stem cell clinical application, to provide theoretical and practical basis for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system to solve the problems of human. The project target primates based on the world leading to gene editing and stem cell technology platform to build PD, ALS and RTT ESCs, animal disease model, iPSCs and NTESCs in different types of pluripotent stem cells and neural differentiation and culture system, based on the different types of diseases (abnormal development of neurodegenerative disease and early nervous system), different disease the crowd (adult or juvenile) and disease of different genetic types of mutations to establish the corresponding stem cell treatment strategy, systematically answer the key problem of stem cells for clinical treatment: safety and effectiveness, and ultimately provide theoretical and practical basis for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system to solve the problems of human. The project is jointly undertaken by the Kunming University of Science and Technology, Chinese Animal Research Institute of Capital Medical University, Xuanwu hospital, Yunnan province primate bio medicine laboratory, plan for a period of five years, will be completed prior to the construction model, stem cell transplantation method and system, to carry out animal model after cell transplantation period. The person in charge of the project, Kunming University of Science and Technology professor Niu Yuyu said that stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine as the core, has become another disease drug treatment, surgical treatment after treatment, but there are still great risk of stem cell therapy. The establishment of primate animal models have high similarity with the human nervous system disease, carried out to assess the efficacy and safety of clinical training from pluripotent stem cell lines, differentiation, transplantation to complete cell therapy route before, is of great significance to the establishment of stem cell clinical treatment and standard. Niu Yuyu introduction, this technology is currently only China, the United States, Japan, China ahead of the United states. To carry out the evaluation of cell and gene therapy based on stem cells, can not only enhance the Chinese ability of independent innovation in related fields, promote the organic combination of basic research and application fields, will also enhance the national research in life science and biomedical fields of basic and clinical international influence and competitiveness. Yunnan province is the first province in China to carry out research on primates. Last year, Kunming University of Science and Technology achieved a single clonal expansion of neural stem cells, creating conditions for project research. (end)相关的主题文章:

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