NASA released Siqiapalali Mars crashed HD

NASA released Siqiapalali Mars crashed Sina HD image technology news Beijing on October 28th news, according to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) website reported that since the "Siqiapalali" Mars Lander lost, the European Space Agency (ESA) the relevant officials have been trying to avoid the use of similar "crash" or "failure" of the word the events described, but as the outside world has been very clear that the planet lander has crashed fact is obviously. And now, a clearer picture of the crash site has been released. In the latest image can see more clearly, "Siqiapalali lander has crashed, the crash site is located in a predetermined landing area, but apparently has not normal operation. 100 in amplitude observations. A total of three visible placement, one is the impact site of lander body, a heat shield is crashed spacecraft, and a white ship parachute and after the heat shield 10 in amplitude observations. The latest images of the parachute and the rear cover details are released by NASA, which will provide an important reference for scientists to analyze the cause of the accident. In the image can be seen in the lander crash site next to a black mark, which may indicate that the fuel tank of the lander occurred explosion, we also found that in the surface of Mars Lander crashed out of the crater to a depth of about 50 cm. Last week, the implementation of the "Siqiapalali lander landing is an implementation of the joint action by the European Space Agency and the Russian space agency project, but also Europe second times to land on mars. The mission is to "verify", paving the way for plan implementation in 2020, Europe’s first Mars rover project, the technology is much more complex, plans to travel to Mars search there may be clues to life. "Siqiapalali lander lost will challenge the implementation of ESA plans to follow, and let the ESA member government whether the future will also be able to ensure the implementation of the Mars exploration program to get adequate funding to mark. "Siqiapalali lander trying to land on Mars on October 19th, its technology is to use the heat shield, with a parachute to achieve a substantial reduction, and further reduction and safety on the Martian surface in contact with the ground before using the backstepping engine. However, it is clear that this automatic program in the implementation process there have been some mistakes, causing the spacecraft lost contact at the last moment of landing, after the analysis showed that the probe could be more than 300 kilometers per hour into the surface of mars. Mars lander. See "Siqiapalali" landing basically located at the NASA rover Opportunity same areas according to the analysis of the relevant engineering data, the ESA soon received preliminary results, that the detector and the back cover from the parachute design program longer than a predetermined time earlier. In addition, originally scheduled to work continuously for about 30 seconds of the engine actually works only 3~4 seconds. The result is that the detector is in相关的主题文章:

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