Nanjing property market turnover is a downward cliff policy pour cold water alienware m17x

Nanjing property market turnover is a downward cliff policy pour cold water on the original title: Policy pour cold water, the Nanjing property market turnover is "a downward cliff" National Day has just passed, the 28 year old Li Yongliang (a pseudonym) and his wife went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for a divorce. They just got married last year, and the baby was just 6 months old. Talking about the happy family suddenly split, Li Yongliang helplessly sigh. Divorce is to save money originally this is a false divorce". Li Yongliang is a native of Nanjing, after graduating from college, his parents gave him a house worth 1 million 600 thousand yuan, down payment of $400 thousand. Last year, Li Yongliang married and had children. Watching the children grow up, Li Yongliang and his wife ready to change a bigger house, so that the children’s activity space. According to the regulations, they have to get the qualification through yaohao. Fortunately, however, one after another. September 25th, they learned that the restart of Nanjing restriction policy, clear suspension to have two or more housing units in the city’s residents to sell new commercial housing". This means that they are more likely to shake the signal. Sure enough, a few days later, they shake the number. Husband and wife every day to discuss which plots good, which Huxing good, how good decoration". Let them did not expect that, in October 5th, Nanjing restriction + credit limit policy upgrade, two suites down payment ratio rose to 80%, this policy so that the couple panicked. Li Yongliang couple had a house before the value of nearly 5 million yuan. According to the original policy, they only need to pay 35% down payment ($1 million 500 thousand) can buy. But now, they need to pay 50% down payment ($2 million 500 thousand) to buy. After 10 days, to come up with money but abruptly more than 1 million yuan. In the past, buy a house in order to buy a suite, and Li Yongliang husband and wife divorce is to reduce the down payment. In the short term can not scrape together so much money, coupled with the original suite of 1 million yuan to repay the mortgage, the two feel breathless. In desperation, they thought of false divorce". Although this policy made clear Nanjing Hukou adult singles (including divorce) the purchase of 1 homes, but because his wife before no room no loan, after the divorce already have the lowest qualification, and can enjoy the first purchases 35% Shoufu "benefits". Looks like a win-win business, in fact, there are risks behind. If the "fake divorce" way to get qualified buyers, one of the spouses must cleanse the family, so to buy a house, this is obviously increased the risk of divorce purchase ". But Li Yongliang says he’s not worried. Although it is a fake divorce, do is true. In the policy tuyere, the whole process is more difficult than ever before. Li Yongliang feel the trouble of divorce, always think why this policy can not be a little late". He even imagined that if the policy came out early, they would not consider buying a house. Although there is no purchase of second-hand housing, but Li Yongliang never considered second-hand housing. In reality, the price of second-hand housing is generally higher than the new house, he felt uneconomical. In order to block the "divorce house" theory相关的主题文章:

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