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"My war" in September 15 on college students to see the film entertainment news film Tencent responded enthusiastically "my war" in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province recently jointly Shenzhen, Zhuhai three city, South China Agricultural University, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, four university Zhuhai campus and surrounding special viewing cinema by college students. "My war" demonstrates the true cruel and sudden war, from the details highlighted China bloody military spirit awakened human for the war suffering consciousness, the plot of the movie spectacular action scenes, blasting intense shock, agonistic humanity is full, the film down the national spirit detonated the whole auditorium, infection each member of the audience. "My war" will be held September 15th National release, the film is set in the Korean War, adapted from Ba Jin’s novel "Reunion", vividly depicts a small figure in the war after the war, in the face of death, in the face of love, in the face of the living state of friendship. Show the cruel war, reflects the glory of human nature, is a rich human war epic love. As the new century since the first release of the war theme movie, the film works with modern high technology and reconstruction of domestic film special war film, focused on creating a grand war scenes, real and telepresence, late effects and action spectacle both highly ornamental and artistic appeal; on the other hand, the film focused on characters and human nature and human description, with "I" from the perspective of performance Chinese bloody soldiers protect our homes and defend our country from the perspective of individual spirit, experience and reflection of war wounds, reflects the resistance against aggression and war on the unity of values, is of great significance to expand the domestic war movie type. "My war" hired Hongkong director Peng Shun, he is also in action and late effects on Control Based on. Technically, "my war" compared with the traditional Korean movies, more like a war action in the strict sense. The main structure consists of three local campaigns, difficulty of escalating war atmosphere and cruel shocking: first is the enemy fleet and the disparity between the strength of the encounter; second is an ambush, the siege of the enemy in the minefield; third is a large-scale battle seizing heights. Three battle in the image on the basis of terrain spatial scheduling differentiation, and introduces the virtual scene scheduling war game, with long time personal handheld with the film and with the continuous first person perspective cross clip, create a strong presence. Fireworks, firearms and blasting technical details are visually, vividly restored the Korean War grand and tragic. The movie from the beginning to the final to action spectacle highlights the cruel and realistic war, to effectively meet the current mainstream audiences especially young audiences on war film fast paced and high density motion visual look, is the recent domestic war a breakthrough in the technical level. In the performance of the cruelty of war on the basis of the film focuses on the description of Chinese must show Chinese soldiers to win the war and bloody spirit to protect our homes and defend our country. Liu Ye in the movie "tough guy" Wang Luodan, the acting and the degree of relaxation rhythm makes the character.相关的主题文章:

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