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Must upgrade the reason? IOS 10 of the 23 hidden features – Sohu digital   what? You haven’t bought it for a few days in steals "high-end black" on the blackboard iPhone  7  Plus? Well, that’s your kidney for the time being. So to have to start iPhone  6S or iPhone  7 7P friends, don’t forget to upgrade the iOS  10 to experience, if you are just happened to upgrade iOS  10 seconds; brick embarrassed and scared, so we talk about the next iOS   23 hidden function 10 may be, you must upgrade the iOS  10 reason! Must upgrade the reason? IOS  23 hidden function in 10 (source: CNET)         compared to iOS  9, the launch of the new iOS  version 10 adds more functions and use more intelligent. Whether it is a variety of operating under the lock screen state, or the experience of Siri voice software brings us do not know the surprise. Take a look at iOS  10 of the 23 hidden features, you are not found? Must upgrade the reason? IOS  23 hidden function in 10 (source: CNET), the 1 message function added built-in image search:         now, you can search the animation GIF images in the message application, when you write a message in the message function, click on the app store icon, then slide to the image page, enter search item or select a category from the list. 2, can send a compact version of the photos to save data         open set > message > scroll to the bottom of the > enable low quality image mode, you can. 3, selective read receipt remind         now, you can choose to read the news to remind set in contact on the basis of the set can be synchronized to you all the equipment used in iMessage, but don’t worry about it to change your Mac, iPad and iPhone set. The specific operation is: in a session, click on the upper right corner of the I button, then open or close the read receipt; if not set, then Apple will respect your default settings for a read receipt, but you can enter any dialogue, use or disable. 4, automatically download album is added to the Apple  Music         iOS  10, you can just by clicking "add" button, will be able to download any equipment content to add to your Apple  Mus.相关的主题文章:

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