More than 60 students of high school enrollment irregularities found no school for two

More than 60 students of high school enrollment irregularities in two years found no school of original title: more than 60 students not school more than 60 students in senior high school’s examination, more than 60 students in Xianyang Qin Bao middle school found himself no school, can not participate in the examination. Currently, the Xianyang City Board of education on the alleged violations of the school enrollment has been involved in the investigation. Will participate in the examination found no school on November 1st to 8 2017 Shaanxi ordinary high school proficiency test application time, is located in Xianyang qindouou embankment rainbow school campus (also known as Qin Qin Bao Bao middle school) senior grade dozens of students worried, the two years of high school, they now find themselves no school, unable to attend the student identity certificate. "Nobody said anything before school, until a few days ago the school said that the examination application needs of school, the teacher said I have no school, only by the social identity of young examination." High school student Huang said, "that we were in high school on the two years to learn what? And after the college entrance examination will also be affected." The yellow and the same situation, in the school are ten, and these students are admission scores a few provisions when the entrance than the Department of education, the parents to the school to pay 1~3 million yuan compensation fee is also divided, parents said the filing fee. A parent, "4 poor children than the original admission scores, the school said to go to school, but according to the difference of scores of pay, I pay more than 10 thousand at that time, the school did not vote, only a verbal commitment to a certain school, but did not expect that now." "If I had said I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t have let the children go to school." Another student parents said that the child in the last three years, not even a high school diploma. Has not been formally established in November 7th will not be admitted to high school, Qin Bao middle school, grade two class stop classes, some students take a stool to sit in front of the school, parents anxiously waiting at the side, the police rushed to the scene to maintain order. Qin Bao middle school office staff, Qin Bao middle school is a private school, for the city’s high school enrollment, a total of 6 classes, these students had strokes according to policy at the lowest line of control counties, some county students, but this year qindouou filing, is at the lowest fractional line area the subject, so that these students cannot file, no files of students to return home to participate in the examination. It is understood that the provisions of Xianyang Municipality on 2015 senior high school enrollment exam, private high school by the private colleges according to the admission control line enrollment plan and urban counties in private high school, in the city within the scope of independent recruitment. Provisions of enrollment management, has not been formally admitted students shall establish a unified national ordinary high school proficiency test, cannot obtain Kaoji ordinary high school students, not to the senior middle school graduation certificate. More than 60 students will go through the thorough investigation of school responsible person yesterday morning, Xianyang City Board of education basic education division responsible person said, after understanding, Qin Bao middle school not in accordance with the requirements of the enrollment policy in 2015, privately recruited some enough admission scores of Xue Peng相关的主题文章:

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