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Home-and-Family Candlelight is best known for setting the mood for a romantic evening. Indeed, there is nothing more enchanting than entering a room lit with elegant candles and their flickering flames. Candles are a necessary lighting element in any home, be it a historic Victorian villa or a modern minimalist loft space. Candles can accentuate any space and add their fragrant aroma to the place. Candles are especially great for homes that lack necessary lighting elements. For example, instead of spending a ton of money on rewiring your home to fit new electric sconces, consider using candle powered ones instead. A candle holder sconce brings an element of romance to the room, especially when the candle is lit. In the same way, instead of a traditional chandelier, you can hang a candlelight powered candlier. This will help you avoid all the cost and trouble of purchasing and wiring a heavy electric chandelier. This lighting element adds grace to the room whether or not the candles are lit and provides a beautiful and functional alternative to a .mon design issue. Another great idea for using candles is to create a romantic glow in an unused fireplace. Most fireplaces lie unused especially during the summertime. Instead of leaving the fireplace blank till the winters, you can adorn it with an array of candles. You can fill the fireplace area with candles of different sizes or if you prefer a uniform look, you can choose candles of one color and texture. Several layers of candles will provide depth and visual interest while filling the entire fireplace with light. For a stunning centerpiece, place a variety of candlesticks and different sizes of candles on a mirror. Much like the fireplace plan, all candles should be of the same color and texture to continue with the design theme. Once al the candles are lit, the flames will be reflected in the mirror and soon your centerpiece will be lighting the entire room. Get rid of the foul smelling odor from any corner of your home by lighting a candle with a fragrance. The fragrance emanating from the candle and the beauty exuding from it make them the perfect embellishment for the room. Remember, regardless where your candle is located and regardless of the candleholder, never leave a candle unattended. This is a potentially dangerous situation that could burn your entire home to the ground! No lighting plan is worth catastrophic destruction and potential for injury of your family. Wherever you design to supplement your lighting design with candles, it is a great plan for homes of all sizes, shapes, and designs. Candles and holders can be purchased inexpensively and used for a long time. Remember to trim the wicks of your candles to one half of an inch before lighting. Also, you may with to invest in a candle snuffer to ensure your candles are safely extinguished without blowing hot wax onto a wall or surface. Snuffing a candle instead of blowing it out will also maintain the shape of the top of the candle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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