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UnCategorized Squirrels may appear cute with their bushy tails, large eyes, and soft fur but these are considered as pests for many reasons. These animals can easily take up residence people’s homes mainly by tearing up insulation, chewing through electrical lines, and gaining access though rotted parts of the house like the louver. Once these rodents consider the soffits in roofs, holes in eaves, or nests in attics as theirs, homeowners will have an extremely difficult time removing these pests. The damage wrought by squirrels includes holes in the wall, roof and eaves, droppings on the gutters, and chewed electrical connections. Signs of infestation usually include pitter-patter sounds, scratching and gnawing, all of which are similar to mice and rats infestation. Squirrels can be found in almost all parts of North America from Quebec to Texas with introductions to British Columbia, Washington and Vancouver Island. These rodents can be found in rural, suburban and urban settings as well as in upland, hardwood forests, thus, cementing their reputation as hardy animals. These rodents .e in various colors including black, red and gray with white sides and underbellies. Their characteristic bushy tails are usually as long as their body and head .bined with a total length between 15 to 21 inches. Their weight ranges from 1 to 1.5 pounds depending on sex, amount of food supply, and the species’ characteristics. Squirrels typically do not go into hibernation, which means that these rodents are active even during wintertime. The autumn season, nonetheless, is a time for gathering and burying food as winter supplies. The food items are buried randomly but these can easily be detected using the animals’ keen sense of smell, which is .plemented by their equally excellent sense of sight and hearing. These rodents consider the cavities of trees, leaf nests and treetops with makeshift leaf nests as their natural habitats. In fact, squirrels consider trees as their sanctuary in times of danger, which is aided by their extreme climbing and jumping abilities. Their social skills vary. For example, gray squirrels are relatively social so much so that they will tolerate other squirrels in their territory. In contrast, red squirrels are very territorial. Squirrels enjoy a wide variety of food items including acorns, hickory nuts, maple seeds, beechnuts, and butternuts – thus, the stereotypical image of squirrels as nuts for nuts. These rodents also like mushrooms, berries, corn and pumpkins. Females can bear litters with 2 to 7 young squirrels. The gestation period is 44 days with the mating period from late winter to early spring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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