Miyamoto Shige bluntly, and VR do not take a ride on the VR platform winsockfix

Miyamoto Shige bluntly, and VR did not take a ride on the VR platform does not log in yesterday morning, Apple’s conference, the debut of Miyamoto Shige can be said to be (for players) the biggest surprise. The "father of Mario" personally announced the iOS game "Super Mario Run" (after will be landing on the Android platform), regardless of Mario or Nintendo, which is of great significance, this is the first time Nintendo will own IP onto other platform vendors. In an interview with the United States today, Miyamoto Shige bluntly, in the past they think the phone is not the best gaming platform, but now the situation is changing". So the reporter homeopathic question: so for now the hottest VR, how do you see it? Is it possible for Mario to embrace this new platform, like landing on a cell phone? Miyamoto Shige gives the answer is: No. "Let Mario go to the new platform is the key to keep it alive, I agree with this point of view," said Mao, but we want to let the family can play together, and this is not consistent with the characteristics of VR. And we want people to play for a long time, which is difficult to achieve on VR." In the current market VR game, there are few indeed can "together", PS VR’s "VR" is a space game, in this game, a game player wearing VR equipment, while others use the handle to interact with. However, this is like the game is actually very rare, Miyamoto Shige also mentioned the game is one of the problems faced by VR. (VGtime)相关的主题文章:

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