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Men’s fatigue driving Lianzhuang three cars for the top package called wife drive hell – Sohu accident news (police for map) the day before 5 a.m., Traffic and patrol police in Jiangbei District Jinke city ring Shima River ten years under the overpass, the disposal of bizarre traffic accident: owner Lee saw the ghost himself when driving Lianzhuang three roadside car, but he was not hurt. After police investigation found that the accident occurred when the driver is not ms.. It turned out to be a husband in a car accident, his wife came to the top package farce. Lianzhuang three car driver was not hurt Traffic and patrol police said, the day of receipt of the alarm, the other three cars a white SUV crashed into Chongqing A parked on the roadside, a car knocked out of all recognition, but the car accident without driver. Not received any information about the owner of the car alarm, Shima River Police Brigade with doubt, rushed to the scene. Police saw the vehicle parked on the road, the front completely deformed, the other side of the road three cars are seriously damaged. The police found the vehicle approached, the cab of a woman, coming to see the police, somewhat alarmed, surnamed Li told the police themselves immediately. However, when the police asked to move the vehicle accident, Ms. Lee was unable to find the car keys, called to send his family. With the occupation sensitive, the police feel some strange accident. In the survey, Ms. Lee said that she should be invited to the evening, a teahouse pan entertainment cards. 4 in the morning when driving home, traveling to the Inner City Jinke Shima River ten years under the overpass, she suddenly saw a figure in front of the car. "Kind of like a dead father." So Lee Huangshen, losing control of the vehicle hit other vehicles parked on the roadside, causing the accident. The police from three strange to find "ghost" to understand the situation, the police feel the accident more. Police told the Chongqing evening news reporter, such a big car accident, Ms. Lee I did not report to the police, but did not find the driver of the car when passers-by alarm. Secondly, when dragging the accident vehicles, Ms. Lee to the family sent the key. Again, car damage seriously, but Ms. Lee even skin trauma are not. Where did the driver go after the accident? All the signs indicate that Lee could not explain what was happening. The scene of the accident the police retrieved surveillance video, found in the car when the accident happened is a man. "I’m sure she was lying." Police judge Lee was in the bag for the victims. In the face of repeated questioning and a large number of police, Lee finally tell the truth: the car is her husband Hu opened. "Why, who hide? Is it a drink?" Police came to Mr. Hu investigation. Hu said he was playing outside with friends until early in the morning to go home, when driving to the incident, due to fatigue asleep, resulting in an accident. Mr. Hu for handling illegal driving license only 2 points, the accident scared Traffic and patrol police punishment, so the car lost in the incident, Ms. Lee came home to let his wife fucking, staged a drive with a "ghost". The higher the cost of the accident and escape the police then summoned Mr. Hu to the traffic police team to accept the treatment, found Mr. Hu abdominal injury, and the accident scene. Police on Hu Jun相关的主题文章:

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