McGrady in the 07 all star western first afternoon 5 to pK (video)

McGrady in the 07 all star western first afternoon: 5 to PK connection Kobe back down! Review of 06 years of Maddie all star game scored 36 points on November 9th news sports Tencent NBA regular season is going on like a raging fire, as ESPN commentator Maddie also reminded his players age. Today, McGrady on the social platform (Instagram) on drying out the 2007 All Star game in the Western Star team line-up, and challenge to the league today: To compare five optional! In this photo the sun out of the Tracy McGrady, Tracy McGrady, Kobe, Nowitzki, Duncan and Garnett the five all star how McGrady also said: in high and vigorous spirits, with the text "from the alliance of five players to choose, and the five men than, who will win the final? #TMC Wednesday." The all star game in 2007 to review the 2007 all star weekend in Las Vegas, in the all star game, Tracy McGrady, Kobe, Duncan, Garnett and Nowitzki became the first Western Star team (according to the poll results, Yao Ming is the first, but he was forced to withdraw from the all star game, zarnowiec Gheed to replace his starting position). Eastern Star team’s starting lineup is: O’neal, Bosh, James, Wade and Arenas. In the all star game, Eastern Star team after 9 shots missed 7 times, including O’neal and a dunk missed, Western Star team took the opportunity to get a 12-4. Half of Harding Park, the Western Star team has made the 79-59 lead. The third quarter Stoudemire scored 12 points, after the western section of the 119-88 team in the three quarter ahead. James distal opening three points Biao Kobe shot further contributed to the impact of MVP’s enthusiasm, with James and Wade, Peter paratelum repeatedly challenge the dialogue, individual paratelum scored 12 points, and led the Western Star team final 153-132 victory over the Eastern Star team. The Kobe scored 31 points, 6 assists, 6 steals and 5 rebounds, elected MVP events. Stoudemire scored 29 points and 9 rebounds, 11 assists, McGrady sent the audience most; James for the Eastern Star team with 28 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Howard scored 20 points and 12 rebounds. The historical status and current situation of five just a sob, but only Nowitzki is still in the League campaign, Tracy McGrady, Kobe, Duncan and Garnett have retired. The four retired star, McGrady was first announced his retirement. In August 26, 2013, McGrady officially announced his retirement, after 16 years of occupation career. In the 1997 draft, McGrady pick by the Raptors selected in the first round of ninth, he has played in Toronto, magic, rockets, Nicks, piston, hawks and Spurs, is the first in the history of high school students scoring, has 7 time all star, and had 35 seconds to 13 minutes of performance. However, McGrady has been difficult to break through the first round of the playoffs, until the 2012-13 season playoffs before to the Spurs, McGrady to break the "career playoffs first round" embarrassment, and advanced to the finals, but eventually missed the championship with broken halberds defeat. In 2015.相关的主题文章:

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