Man and his family dispute swallow 16 cm long sweater needle stuck in the throat (video)

Man with a family quarrel to swallow 16 cm long sweater needle stuck in the throat of Optics Valley recently, a man with a family dispute, has swallowed a root diameter of about 0.3 cm, about 16 cm long needle, the card in the throat, but doctors successfully removed. On the morning of September 3rd, Mr. Cao, 33, had a quarrel with his wife and father because of some household chores. Under the persuasion of the neighbors, Mr. Cao turned to leave, came to the bedroom, actually a needle in the closet to swallow. A few minutes later, Mr. Cao out of the bedroom, can not speak, pointing to the throat for help. Family tried to use chopsticks to take out the sweater, but the needle into the throat is too deep, there is no way to take out, then quickly took mr.. Inspection results show that Mr. Cao swallowed a sweater about 16 cm long, he has been the top of the pleura may be damaged, in order to remove the difficulty of a little more likely to injure the arteries. Department of ENT director Yang Changliang and cardiothoracic surgery, anesthesia consultation, finalized the program. Finally, Yang Changliang, director of the Department of ENT carefully removed the needle smoothly, but the whole process of 10 minutes. After the needle was removed, the patient had no laryngeal hemorrhage and dyspnea. (reporter Yu Lijuan correspondent Li Rui) woman quarrel with her husband angry swallowed 20 cm abdominal acupuncture to wear sweaters相关的主题文章:

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