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Ma Yun repairer, YunOSAuto evolution: the commercialization of mainstream international science and technology Sohu Ali and SAIC jointly build the world’s first mass-produced Internet car Roewe RX5, launched four months, orders easily 100 thousand. You know, in 2015 sales of the first ten Tiguan, the annual sales volume has just over 250 thousand. The Guangzhou auto show in November 18th, Alibaba YunOS group president Zhang Chunhui announced, YunOS for Car Internet auto upgrade to YunOS Auto, and in 2016 to become the FIFA Club World Cup title sponsor. From 2014, Ali and SAIC into a joint fund, in July 2016 the first production car Internet release of Roewe RX5, to today’s new brand MG added three new Internet car released, and the YunOS Auto named the Club World Cup, YunOS Auto achieved commercial and mainstream international. Brand diversity, the main product of the conference room in the PPT and thousands of miles on the road, the difference between the product floor and commercial production of commercial vehicles. This distance is sometimes very long, the impact of nuclear scientists from Britain Rutherford successfully in 1912, the former Soviet Union to build the first nuclear power plant, separated by 42 years. Sometimes very short, from Ali YunOS Auto strategy released to the first Internet car line, only two years, for 130 years in the automotive industry, this time is very short, Dr. Wang Jian Ali was at the press conference said jokingly, many enterprises may only two years after ppt. More importantly, as the world’s first production of the Internet car, the Roewe RX5 is a truly successful commercial product 21ours 4 months 100 thousand orders, has far-reaching significance for the industry benchmark, 130 year long history of automobile industry, this is the Internet car really start business, remodeling a new industry standard, marking the Internet car has become the industry indispensable new class. The successful test the water business, but also to encourage more car manufacturers and Internet Co to enter the industry, this is Ali of love it. Perhaps it is to see the success of Roewe RX5 in today’s Guangzhou auto show, the car has a new member of the internet. In addition to Ali’s old friend SAIC, also has a 90 year history of the international brand MG (mg). The release of the models including positioning in the young MG ZS city SUV, SAIC’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, Roewe eRX5 and Roewe I6 sedan. Born in 1924 in Britain belong to the automotive industry as Mg, worthy of the tide brand, the Roadster is a favorite of young people. As the second YunOS Internet car, MG ZS is the first car for young people born internet. On the morning of 18 conference, presenters joked that the car body from the brain of Ali, from Roewe, headlights taillights from the Big Dipper from The London Eye. Although it is a joke, but the truth behind it.相关的主题文章:

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