LPL three seed was born! Congrats to im for the S6 finals candle june

LPL three seed was born! Congratulations to IM to enter the S6 world finals > > > > > > click to enter the LOL five anniversary eSports project < < < < < Author: batt wind egg shell @15W bubble round, IM with a 3:2 victory over WE LPL conference last 2016 the global finals qualification seed. IM in the year to achieve the LSPL to LPL, and then to the global finals of the three jump, completed an unprecedented feat. In the spring tournament champion LPL EDE renamed the IM IM staff, I want to lead my teammates to fight S6, today I honor the promise!" Time to return to the 2015 world finals. AJ as the EDG team on with the team in the S5 finals, but the poor performance has been just killing each other on. In the face of SKT is the Marin was chased down all the way, how to collapse on how the line, followed by the audience dubbed as "remember the fear of being dominated by Marin?" Frustrated AJ need to prove themselves, under the EDG two team in EDE LSPL became his best choice. A month after the run by AJ and Baeme EDE leader began in the LSPL, EDE showed their tusks in LSPL, inherited from EDG with a strong operational capabilities and three LPL players experience, EDE team with 25 wins 5 of the negative record with the first regular season. The fate is always so similar, and today’s victory over WE EDE and PDD script, founder of the YM club in the first four games in both hard to beat 2 – 2. In the tiebreaker AJ chose his luck resorted to Titan, AJ is also much too early for the million economic disadvantage is also grab the Dragon later to stabilize the situation, but also is the powerful AJ for a chance to win, EDE also successfully cut LPL. Since the fist company can not have the same club at the same level of the same team, EDG boss sold the team, and then took over the boss will be renamed the original EDE IM. The lineup is the same, only the name changed. Dark horse IM break LPL regular season fifth IM and other teams in the past just promoted LPL is not the same, they do not need to adapt. Inherited from the big brother EDG where the system and learning style to let them in the league. At the end of the summer season regular season, the IM team has 9 wins and 7 losses record ranked fifth in the league, squeezing out the only successful playoff team. Regular season rankings this season from LSPL to LPL, they did not become the league’s experience in the hands of other veteran teams, but is a series of defeats WE, Snake, IG, LGD and OMG and many other teams. They have also become the most powerful dark horse in the league, in addition to the League overlord EDG team, there is no 11 teams who do not have absolute control over them. One step is the final runner up to the postseason AJ absolute Road, the first!相关的主题文章:

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