Live melee opponents malicious brush anchor anchor income is much lower than media

Live: melee opponent malicious brush List Anchor income is far below the media broadcast coerced profit seeking to capital, young people get rich desire and restlessness of hormones, the formation of a new arena of hope, strength and absurdity coexist. Full screen text and gifts, is "social you sister ball" that is decorated with wronged tears face. In April 23, 2016, the "ball sister" to keep in front of the screen began to live, and is always different, this has 1 million 580 thousand fans reflected off top anchor task today is canvassing for himself. The number of online viewing on the top left corner of the screen quickly soared to tens of thousands of people, after thirty million votes still tumbling. But the intruder disrupted her rhythm. Nine pm, zhouran anchor pepper platform instant votes exceeded thirty million, however, the number of only three thousand people to watch online. "This is not scientific, certainly tricky. I live by canvassing, do too robot brush votes, so unfair." Hundreds of thousands of tickets instantly behind the "ball sister", in a tearful voice, rolling subtitles condemning the bottom of the screen, directed at zhouran. The fuse event is a fight for the popularity of GMIC anchor "name. Four days time, the audience can contribute 10 tickets a day, the most votes, is the winner. In the eyes of the host, the number of votes means not only the ranking, it is a symbol of popularity, worth even strength, is the so-called fame and fortune. Hundreds of hundreds of thousands, millions of the second list, fried room in the studio, but never strange, with connections and money close combat is rare. Ball sister and Zhou ran in the evening of 23 this battle, a time to become the focus. Your sister society ball, her real name Zhao Yihan, another identity is the daughter of Zhao Benshan". Song Xiaofeng Wang Xiaobao, by the media and Dong Sanmao in personal studio put banners, posters and even loudspeakers crazy canvassing; zhouran is the debut a few months "36D day group member. Lingdianlingfen, digital stop at 47404023. Sister won the ball, the color of the gradual departure of the ID. This is a win-win struggle, won the most popular ball sister as anchor name, zhouran also became well-known overnight, 36D day mission to the fore. The two sides where the guest and pepper platform is earned pots full bowl full. Writer Hao Jingfang in the "Beijing" folded up a different space, different levels of the Beijing, like Transformers can be folded in the city, but there are more solemn sense of reality". Live as it is. For most people, this is a secret secret. It was lamented that this is a reality version of the existence of the network in the Beijing fold". Here is the capital of top predators, have the fame of broadcast platforms and brokerage company, also have "be realistic × over the" grassroots, live strife, carnival, self hypnosis, has set up a "third space". The founder of the martial arena seasons, sometimes fight the enemy separately, spark a conflict accidentally: YY, 9158 led to the traditional show; Betta, led by panda game live; to reflect the customer, a live, pepper led pan entertainment broadcast; and other vertical segments of the live. An amazing"相关的主题文章:

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