Liu Ye talk about Xing also role of coarse, but can not stop the spirit of beauty cashmere mafia

Liu Ye talk about "Xing also" role of crude, but can not stop the flourishing beauty Tencent entertainment news (Wen Chufei) the film "Xing also" in September 14th autumn files released nationwide. The day before yesterday, Cao Baoping, Zhang Yi, Liu Ye with the creative director Yan Bei came to Zhongshan University in Guangzhou roadshow. Cao Baoping works "sun burning heart" reputation and box office are good, also let Deng Chao, Duan Yihong, Guo Tao won the Shanghai Film Festival winner, so fans of "insomnia" also have higher expectations. It is reported that the "murderer" is based on maintaining the realistic background and black crime tension and suspense, but also fit the reality and the role of good and evil destiny deep thinking, showing black humor and absurd style of nature, in the emotional content of a more consistent to have a distinctive taste "Desperado love" show. A student asked him from the audience of young men to make the red network than all these years experienced what, Liu Ye first made a sweat look very carefully, and then replied, "my years removed from the network, to close to 90, the mentality of the absolute young, but said he is the beauty of what it is fun, do not think that I have experienced what caused a personality change, not really." "The murderer is" in Liu Ye’s role with the director of words is "rough", Liu Ye immediately stressed that "on, is crude, but can not stop (flourishing beauty)." "The murderer is" stills chose this role, Liu Ye said, "one of the reasons is the second song in Cao Baoping’s trust, director of the film are seen, believe the director will make their own play a breakthrough role." Zhang Yi’s performance is also homework, an offbeat role to let a person look distressed pity, Zhang Yi said, "the film is Liu Ye’s second song mix again, if there is no second song, his character Dong Xiaofeng will be very good." About the important comedy play, Zhang Yi is grateful for the experience in the creation of the director Cao Baoping and full of creativity, a lot of jokes set for the role. Live interactive sessions are creative out the related items and their roles, the scene was to hold a little pig, a pig in the original film, director Cao Baoping also recalled filming the scene where Liu Ye and pigs, but also a look of fear, "the pig to be fierce however, shoot to the end, we will know what is called the" A dead mouse feels no cold ", finally didn’t resist, it’s too tired," Liu Ye added. "The pig can understand the words of the director".相关的主题文章:

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