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Liu Xingliang, WeChat APP small program subversion? Wait acura! Sohu technology ever understand the major news events, hot spots, mainly to see the Sina Sohu NetEase Tencent that several major portals headlines, now more reliable is the circle of friends, may also be my friend most is engaged in IT industry because of it. Last night to this circle of friends, the leading role is "WeChat small program". Received unanimous praise, most people think that would subvert the APP, what is more, even the Acura has opened a new era. WeChat small program is what? WeChat’s official explanation is: "small program is a need to download and install the application can be used, it realizes the application of the" touch "of the dream, the user can open or sweep search application. Also reflects the "run away" concept, users do not care about whether to install too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous, ready to use, but do not need to install uninstall." They all said that WeChat small program can subvert the APP, is this the case? Before answering this question, first of all, pull two things two years ago. The first thing is Baidu direct number. In fact, at the beginning of this year, Zhang Xiaolong said to do application number (WeChat applet nicknames) when no direct my mind immediately flashed is Baidu. It can be said that the two are the same. The direct number was released at the Baidu World Conference in September 2014. Before the release, Baidu was in Zhongguancun Jade Garden restaurant together over a dinner, let us give direct advice. At that time, you can clearly feel the direct number of Baidu for very high expectations. The traditional Internet era, Baidu’s focus is to connect people and information; mobile Internet era, direct number means that the release of the Baidu connection with the landing of the service strategy. Direct number intended to allow Baidu to build a bridge between people and services, so that businesses and users can connect directly to a large scale and communication. The second thing is about H5 and APP who will dominate the future. Intelligent mobile phone when Jobs began to Fangxing, H5 high hopes, and H5 technology is a real outbreak in 2014. 2014 is also known as the first year of H5. At that time the discussion about the two who will dominate the future, swept the vast majority of people, the discussion is very warm. Now, two years later, direct number for Baidu, how much hope, there will be a lot of disappointment. As for H5 and APP, who did not replace who, the two are currently coexisting relations, and the coexistence of very harmonious. Although Baidu and Tencent do not have a theory, although the argument is also different from H5 and APP, but the warning value is still there. Whether it is today’s WeChat small program, or two years ago, Baidu direct number, or H5, we all have a good wish, hoping to replace APP, because too much APP to bring us trouble. The main problems in so many ways: first, the phone is very slow. Before the price war, the domestic mobile phone running memory is generally not high, even apple, until 7 before the release of the 16G version.相关的主题文章:

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