Liar organization recruitment examination stealing mobile phone sued the court in Beijing shiyang

Liar organization recruitment examination "stealing mobile phone sued court – Beijing, September 21st, Jiangsu province Suining county court hearing network recruitment fraud with carefully designed. At the end of February this year, 35 participated in a company in Suining examination candidates found that, after the end of the exam, his mobile phone and recruiters disappeared. Recruitment is responsible for the recruitment of two people – Zhang and fang. Two false employment information published on the web, that is the person in charge of a company, to carry out recruitment. Zhang had done before the work of human resources, so the whole recruitment process is very professional. Zhang is responsible for the release of recruitment information, the financial aspects of the party responsible for. Zhang and Party A in order to be able to remember the candidate mobile phone value, interview candidates to mark the A B special C three grades, carrying mobile phone candidates was designated as A and B are determined, only these people can enter in the written exam. When written, two people will pretend to be to the examination of the discipline, to put up candidates of the mobile phone. And after the completion of the return of the phone, the phone password to confirm the phone owner. Two people use this means to allow the victim to voluntarily give them the phone, while providing a mobile phone password. 35 candidates and 36 mobile phone, and it was two people unnoticed to cheat. The two cheats the day from Suining, but was soon arrested. After identification, the total value of 37771 yuan stolen goods. They were charged with fraud. (CCTV reporter Wu Rui)相关的主题文章:

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