Li Jiacheng said the postal savings bank ten billion investment confidence as a long-term investment-onavo protect

Li Jiacheng said the postal savings bank ten billion investment confidence as a new network of long-term investment in Beijing in September 30, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, prudent investment of Hongkong and chairman of the Department of Li Jiacheng, saving money into China postal savings bank. Long and the Department spokesman active disclosure, Li Jiacheng through its charitable foundation and the eldest son of Li Zeju, the postal savings bank holding performance linked notes, equivalent to the postal savings bank 11.62%H shares, to the postal savings bank, yesterday (29 days) closing price, the market value of equity over ten billion dollars. The spokesman pointed out that Li Jiacheng as a long-term investment. Li Jiacheng in the past two years, the postal savings bank listed global funding day after the largest, according to the securities and Futures Ordinance, the disclosure of three charitable foundation was founded by Li Jiacheng, Li Jiacheng and Li Zeju will be held, issued by a financial institution’s performance linked notes, H shares of presumption of rights equal to the postal savings bank holds about 11.62%, also for the postal savings all banks in approximately 2.8% of the issued share capital. Long and long spokesman responded that Li Jiacheng has "absolute confidence" of the postal savings bank, that is suitable for Li Jiacheng and the foundation of financial investment, but also refers to Li Jiacheng as a long-term investment project. While earlier, Li Jiacheng sold the Wulong electric car holds about 351 million shares, worth about 150 million yuan, holdings fell to 4.93% after the completion of the transaction, as there is no need to disclose holdings. For the sudden disclosure of shares held by Li Jiacheng, the securities sector generally puzzling. BS Securities Research Manager Zhi Yaohui said, temporarily difficult to assess Li Jiacheng’s intention to subscribe for the postal savings bank. He bluntly compared to other bank stocks, the postal savings bank market valuation is not cheap. XinDa international research department deputy director Zhao? The article pointed out that at the end of March this year for the first quarter, the postal savings bank non-performing loan ratio of only 0.81%, compared with four large bank stocks low loan to deposit ratio is less than 40%, reflecting the still lending space. But he believes that if Li Jiacheng elns (ELN) holds the postal savings bank, as long as there is no below a "delivery price", the general can continue to obtain a higher dividend income, but depending on the specific conditions of bill Li Jiacheng held. Data shows, with a stake of more than 5% required disclosure level, Li Jiacheng does not hold the bank stocks listed in Hongkong, the postal savings bank is the bank stocks in his investment. Just this Tuesday (27 days) listed the postal savings bank yesterday closed unchanged at 4.77 yuan, if the full exercise of the Li Jiacheng number of performance linked notes, holding stock market value of about 10 billion 800 million yuan. Analysts estimate, compared with other silver, the postal savings bank account rate 1.04 times, compared with the current four lines (labor, agriculture, CCB) 0.69 to 0.87 times as high, reflecting the postal savings bank is not cheap, but the price for the four dividend rate ranged from 5.5 to 5.7 per cent, it is estimated that Li Jiacheng, purchased the postal savings bank derivatives, coupon at least 6 per cent or above, and then the price of at least 15% or more than the price discount will attract Li Jiacheng bet. In addition, the market news pointed out that long and issued $1 billion 250 million (about HK $9 billion 750 million) notes, of which 750 million U.S.相关的主题文章:

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