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Li Fei’Er invites you to store BeLLE2016 in autumn and winter in Beijing VIP special Sohu shoes the first brand BELLE BeLLE held winter 2016 Beijing VIP special activities in Beijing R & F Plaza Shopping Center BELLE counters.  , a famous fashion actress Li Fei’Er BeLLE2016 winter and winter series of the new Queen’s debut event, and with the media and friends of the media guests to share the brand fashion experience.   BeLLE2016 autumn and winter series, to the time of the shoes as the theme of each pair of shoes, are representative of a special time for you, can lead you to a beautiful place. Invited to fashion star Li Fei’Er, Liu Luoxi Wang Danni, a famous Internet celebrity, jointly opened a 2016 BELLE " time " shoe; Phyl invite you to go shopping, and interacted with the BELLE VIP guests.   for daily wear do rich explanation, BELLE series of products with different collocation and style of the clothing, fashion collocation to share experience, more site VIP facelift makeover. They speak freely to the pursuit of fashion, so that the presence of guests deeply surprise and admiration. From the star to the ordinary people, the perfect interpretation of the unique beauty can not be copied, the outline of each person’s unique perfect matching experience.   About BeLLE as the advocate of "amazing – so beautiful", BELLE has been with the consumers to share the fashion of the road, the pursuit of life attitude and beautiful. Brand has been committed to providing consumers with stylish, comfortable, easy to match shoes products, regardless of any corner of the city, there are BELLE for you from the bottom to create a confident and beautiful shape. Amazing? So beautiful, BeLLE fashion ideas, it is exclusive in your fashion time. Time Journey [time journey] 2016 FALL WINTER COLLECTION each pair of shoes, are representative of a special time for you. 2016 BeLLE will be "time travel" as the main theme of the autumn and winter series, and elegant to rock and roll, luxury to leisure, leading you back to the top of the retro style and fashion, feel the ultimate personality aesthetics. This autumn, with BELLE BeLLE with a different time of the shoe!   [1] The London Eye series is absolutely retro the season, love the locomotive punk you will love this is a blend of rock and elegant British style city boots. Decorative elements in London, let you have a unique style and handsome. "Fashion and retro The London Eye", make the dress collocation more out of the ordinary, because the leg line modified it tight due to the design of low body shoe and bag feet can be better, but it is wine red pearl color leather is unique and clean clothing collocation more cool.   [2] series Winter Queen this winter to work the basic models in addition to a high collar sweater, you also need a better modified leg line items.相关的主题文章:

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