Legally Blonde! 31 year old former South Korean lawyer admitted a member of the women’s team-windjview

Legally Blonde! 31 year old former South Korean women’s team members admitted to lawyer Yu Na Beijing in September 14, according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean well-known brokerage company SM entertainment developed many popular Asian superstar, called large star factory, 2002 women’s "SHINVI (God Feile regiment)" composed of 3 people, the average 18 years of age with their lively, pure image debut, disbanded unfortunately only released an album, did not expect that now one of the members was admitted to a lawyer, become the first domestic Korean idol girl group born lawyer. The 31 year old Yu Na (?? Yu, Na) on his debut in the high school age, become "women’s SHINVI (shinvi)" the youngest member, she in the "strict training SM entertainment" can not help but accept the singing and dancing, was sent to the school of music professional education, debuted in 2002, unfortunately the group only released an album on the dissolution, members have their own solo. Compared with the other two members in the circle of hard work, through the judicial examination when she was 25 years old, and in the judicial training institute after 4 years of study, 2014 officially became a lawyer, as South Korea’s first domestic women born lawyer, news of a hot topic.相关的主题文章:

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