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Gone are the days when only the wealthiest of the wealthy bought and sold on the great exchanges. The modern world of forex trading takes place online and online trading accounts enable anybody with a .puter and a little bit of capital to be.e a trader. However, with the dissemination of trading .es increased risk. The massive influx of assets into the global forex market has only made it more volatile. Therefore, although trading has now on the one hand be.e easier, it is important that anybody who wishes to open an online trading account follow some basic principals for successful forex trading. This can be broken down into five steps: 1.Learning the fundamental concepts of forex 2..paring websites 3.Learning chart analysis 4.Learning a market 5.Practice accounts (also called "Demo" accounts) First and foremost it one must learn the basic principals of forex. The foreign exchange market, though .plicated, can definitely be learned and understood. There are many online tutorials that will teach you the ins and outs of forex. Some of the basic principals one must learn are: Currency pairs Spot and forward trading Financial indices Factors that affect currency values on a macroeconomic scale (GDP, CPI, interest rates). Market psychology Before opening an online account, it is re.mended to .pare the various online forex trading websites. Some of the important things to look for include: Security that the website is legitimate and safe. Technology that the website has fast, user-friendly, reliable, and up-to-date programs. Help there should be available help, both for technical advice and for trading advice. Human support if something goes wrong you want to have the ability to contact a live person. Another thing to learn, beyond the basic concepts of forex trading and certainly more .plicated, is chart analysis. The #1 method of chart analysis is the candlestick method. Beyond that, other tools for chart analysis include: Pattern analyses (Head & Shoulders, etc) Relative strength index Stochastic oscillator Rate of change indicator Directional movement indicator (ADX) Parabolic SAR indicator Moving averages There are definitely factors that affect all markets universally. That is probably what you will learn in the online tutorials on the basic fundamentals of forex. Beyond that, it is re.mended to study a specific market in depth and to focus on that specific market. The key things to study when studying a given market: Financial institutions Currency interdependencies .modities Imports and exports Geopolitical current events Lastly, it is re.mended to undergo a trial period of trading with a practice account. The first step is a risk-free practice account, i.e. an account that operates in accordance with real market values but is fake money. One step better than that is a forex mini account. A forex mini account allows you to really trade on the real market with real money but with reduced risk. This causes the trader to really care about the money and really get the feel for trading without risking too much private capital an early novice stage. With the proper preparation, anybody can learn to trade forex and even master the art of stock day trading as long as you have the best forex brokers on your side as mentors. 相关的主题文章:

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