Le 2S Pro upcoming Feng Feng said feel quite good ghost observer

Le 2S Pro upcoming Feng Xing said that the music will feel pretty good in September with apple get together to launch a new machine, new products should be le 2S series. The day before, Feng Xing LETV mobile president micro-blog also exposes, LETV new machine will have texture perception, at the same time, to provide a good feel. The micro-blog through his little tail, said its products for the music of 2S series, the series of Le 2S and 2S Pro including at least two new products. Mr Feng Xing said: "fortunately micro-blog since the mobile phone into the metal era, everyone just give himself up on all metal head, but ignore the user experience to get started. Made matte or spray into plastic even if the breakthrough? At least there’s no such thing. How to retain the texture, perception can also offer good feel? That’s what we should do." It seems that 2S and 2S Le Pro will feature all metal body, but not simply made of frosted or painted plastic, and will provide a good feel. Le 2S Pro configuration, users also brought a new broke the news. He said, Le 2S Pro will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor with 5.5 inches of 1080P JDI screen, built-in 4GB memory. There is news that the Le 2S series will provide single lens and dual lens edition version, Le 2S configuration may be slightly lower, equipped with 820 Xiaolong processor. We know that last year, Le 1s positioning is only thousands of dollars, but from this year broke Le 2S, configuration and design of the new machine are comparable to the flagship, will have a higher price and location. In short, LETV and ready to get the rain in the mobile phone ring again, all the friends remember to take an umbrella.相关的主题文章:

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