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Large size watch OCD may wish to come here to see lead: as everyone knows, table size is directly related to watch wearing comfort, when buying watches everyone will pay more attention to the size of the watch. Over a period of time, the more popular is thin watch, in recent years began to pop size watch, watch for some complex patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the large size of the watch may be more in line with their psychological desire, because of the large size of the watch can not only provide more and more professional, and wear them will appear more avant-garde, more fashion, more domineering. (source: watch home) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! In comparison, about 43 mm in diameter of the watch is more suitable for Chinese wear. In the end is the size of the table, or the size of the small table, which has always been a "wrapped up" topic. Today, we have some size the size of the watch, and we work together on a non quality. Blancpain fifty fathoms Blancpain fifty fathoms series 5018-1230-64A watch 5018-1230-64A watch series product type: 5018-1230-64A type movement: automatic case material: titanium metal watchband material: Rubber dial size: 55.65 mm depth: 300 meters waterproof table price: 308500 yuan watch comments: the watch dial design complex, active color collocation, very strong sense of movement and one of its core diameter of 36 mm, with some watch dial to be roughly the same size, dial thickness 55.65 mm and 24 mm diameter dial, called the watch industry giant". In addition, the watch is praised as "the most professional, the most complete function, the minimum error", also has had 6 "world first" leading technology, said the rotating bezel is one-way and two-way one-way two, professional services in the diving movement, can be applied to other two-way movement timing. Not only as a professional but also dedicated to the timing of the diving table, it is equipped with the precise function, the size of the strict, non dial so that the stool is not enough to load. This watch is by far the Blancpain fifty fathoms series features the most complex, the most domineering appearance of a mighty, generally if it is difficult to manage, if there is no tall and sturdy wrist can not easily try. Panerai 2015 special edition 52 mm Titanium Watch Panerai 2015 special edition 52 mm Titanium Watch model: PAM00603 movement type: manual mechanical material: titanium material: Leather Watchband dial size: 52 mm depth: 30 meters waterproof watches price: 287000 yuan watch comments: this watch elegant and generous. Retro style and elegant, dial diameter of 52 mm, bezel generous, case wide, domineering fan full, titanium metal building round case frosted surface smooth, delicate texture. Dark brown yellow round dial, luminous coating character, classic big needle.相关的主题文章:

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