Kunming, a district of the old and new property staged won the district cold war owners right-ca1805

Kunming, a district of old and new property staged "wins" cold   owners of rights bumpy road – Yunnan channel: people.com.cn original title: Kunming District staged a "new property rights owners took road cold war zone" rough two property companies are a group of security guard on the right side of the door security guard, a security guard on the left at the door, and they belong to different property companies. In October 9th, Kunming Jiangdong Huacheng No. 2 door, two groups of different clothing quite distinct from each other are still under the scorching sun "confrontation". Why the two property companies in the same area to exercise management authority, which had 9 days ago, the new property settled incident. The evening of September 30th, the second session of Jiangdong Huacheng Industry in the current have been dismissed Wuguan companies — Longquan property under the premise of the new property companies to employ separate settled community, but did not intend to withdraw the original tube, only said that the withdrawal of residential property companies are not realistic, they will improve and strengthen community management "on the grounds, to the industry’s decision, also rejected the new property company settled team. The two sides deadlocked since the new company can "dwell" outside the old guard, in the absence of property service contract is still the case in the district office to regard with equanimity and persuade residents pay property management fees. Industry: we have the right to dismiss the service is not in place so that the original property company property management company to find the "legal basis" emboldened from a red head file, the property management industry association of Yunnan Province in order to "affect social stability" on the grounds that the issue of "Kunming Jiangdong flower City District decided to suspend the replacement of any letter of the behavior of the Property Management Company" and from the original Wuguan companies posted area, industry authority to suspend the relevant work requirements. It is understood that the property management industry association of Yunnan Province, the predecessor of Yunnan Property Management Association was founded in August 2011, is the Yunnan province by the property management professional media organizations, universities and academic leaders of property management staff, property management enterprises, legal professionals and experts on a voluntary academic, local, non-profit social organization. In 2013, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs confirmed that the Yunnan Provincial Institute of property management for the 4A provincial academic social groups by the evaluation of the social organization evaluation committee of Yunnan province. The "Hongtouwenjian" underestimated the power of. The new property company responsible person said, the evening of September 30th the company settled district action and did not succeed, because the two sides in the security door, the local police station, police quickly out of the police and advise from both sides, take the judicial route recommended negotiation fails. Jiangdong Huacheng Industry Authority director jin’ou said: "industry authority is the autonomous organization of community residents legally elected, in the local housing construction bureau have the record, according to the relevant provisions of the" property law "and the Kunming municipal property management, the industry committee has the right to dismiss the service is not in place the property management company. We have suggested that residents do not pay the cost of the original property management companies, they do not have any contractual relationship with the district." Jin’ou, original industry public bidding of succession Wuguan, we to the original pipe company served the tender, but the other party does not receive, and finally through the post, just submit to the other hand book. But)相关的主题文章:

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