Kim Ki-duk atheism stranded together with China decided to suspend the

Kim Ki-duk "atheism" stranded together with China decided to suspend the project director Kim Ki-duk Tencent (the entertainment news director Kim Ki-duk Remy) making the movie "being prepared Chinese" suspension of the godless. Kim Ki-duk’s new film "net" will be released in Korea, he was in September 30th in a cafe in Seoul, Sanqing hole, the Korean media interview. Said in an interview, "Chinese partners and China movie" the godless "decided to suspend the project." The movie "godless" in the background of the ancient kingdom of Asia, the worship of nature and advocating religious Kingdom between the tribal war stories presented by the Buddhist allegory. Disney, former chairman of the · (Dick Cook) founded by the ·, Cook studio (DCS) will be in Hangzhou, China, as the production of film and television production Co., Ltd., a joint venture to participate in the production of the film in. The budget is about $37 million, is a big cost masterpiece. Although Kim Ki-duk "atheism" directed by the director to plan to China shooting in Hangzhou, but for unknown reasons, the visa application is refused, at present in the helpless situation. Some people think that this is not unrelated to the event. "In fact, it is difficult to say exactly what it is, and now the situation is not because of what." Director Kim Ki-duk laughed. He said, "in the past year I went to many different places, but also very carefully prepared. But some things still have no way." He added, "not just because of a visa." At the same time, director Kim Ki-duk also made a response to the previous reports. There have been reports that Kim Ki-duk, director of the Venice International Film Festival, said: even if the Chinese side called me to go, I do not want to go. I do not go to China, in China and South Korea aroused no small waves. In response, Kim Ki-duk responded, "I never said that. This is totally wrong." Kim Ki-duk said, "I was saying ‘even if you want to go (China), there is no way to go." But it was translated into "I’m not going", and it was published in a large circulation of Hongkong media, and even spread to korea. China later corrected it by saying it was a false alarm, but there seems to be no such thing in South korea. Are you interested in the corrected news?" He also said he had been a visa to the Chinese Embassy, want to get a visa, so went to the Chinese embassy. Find out what they’re doing. "You’ve made a film like that. Are you getting ready for this?" They asked me this question, I got a bit scared." Finally, Kim Ki-duk director, said the Chinese side, including ethnic, religious, security, politics, violence, sex and other aspects of the film is not produced. For the people’s mental health, said that can not make such a film. Although the script will be changed in this content, but also after the trial, but when shooting, if not in accordance with the script shoot, plus what other content, then the film will once again face disruption." The project director Kim Ki-duk said, "the pressure to obtain billions (Han Yuan)!相关的主题文章:

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