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Kevin Tsai: the most love s not wearing clothes of the other "Kangxi" three person group fit again scene photo Sina entertainment news on November 13th afternoon, in a game conference site, "Kangxi" three person group fit again, "Kangxi staged again". In addition to Kevin Tsai [micro-blog] make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, and s [micro-blog] with dry ice kuangpen [micro-blog] Chen Handian, Chen Handian child hair icing axillary smoke. In the quick links, several small express [micro-blog] William Chan, Kevin Tsai bluntly: "the most love s not wearing clothes style." "Kangxi Chen Handian" Qi child kuangpen ice audience burst laughing this conference hosted by Chen Handian and the king of the plan at the scene to open a "Kangxi special", but "by Kevin Tsai and" s scene cut hu. Kangxi three groups to fit, the atmosphere reached a climax. In the next part of the game, Kang Yonghe s two people according to the needs of the large screen display mahjong, found that one card can be and card at the mahjong table, did not find a party will be punished. S and Kang get "flying", the final scene of mahjong in the opponent Kang super luck and teammate s "friendship assists", Chen Handian received several punishment, even by teammate s kuangpen ice. The last is Kang s Qi battle, Chen Handian child hair icing armpit smoke. But he not take it seriously: "accept the punishment Never mind, do not damage the hair! "Little William Chan Kevin Tsai: the most frequently expressed love not to wear clothes in Xi Di quick link, king and Chen Handian respectively put forward various stimuli, large scale problems disrupt their ideas of Kang Yonghe s playing mahjong. Although a variety of problems difficult unceasingly, but still be resolved and Kevin Tsai s wit, verse frequent. William Chan s confession frequently, in the face of "most want to derail the male star", "touched the male stars have privately to further the development of" and "re opened a show in addition to Kang most want to partner which male star", firmly replied: "William Chan!" S still exposes for "old nine door" began to love William Chan, and later William Chan on her show also thought the other idol burden is very heavy, "the results on the show as I feel". Kevin Tsai asked: "the small love which style?" He laughed and said, "don’t wear clothes!" Get a laugh out of the table. (Ran Huang (Humanities): commissioning editor Bai Ling)相关的主题文章:

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