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Just beware of parents and children get rid of feelings between maternal parents walk between Sohu and get rid of the child’s feelings about the last time Xu Xiaomei went to Xiamen to travel, many people have asked me why not take her husband and children? Some friends said that if you do not take the children out of the house simply do not adapt. I can understand when the mother’s feelings, with the baby after I became a slave, where to go with her. Can Xiamen line for some objective reasons, I have to go. Of course, I also enjoy the pleasure of traveling alone. Usually busy to work, the weekend is the time to accompany a small warm out play. I think in the company of children, parents must spend more time and thought. Born without raising, not to teach parents to be doomed to failure, the child is passers-by. Monday came back from work, I could not wait to help me open the door, see the warmth of a small warm around around the full apology. The recent work is busy, after work in the evening and I went to the new house, Paul, there are a lot of small warm companionship. Eat a good meal, Paul decided to go to the amusement park with a small warm. I had intended to code at home, but a small warm suddenly hugged me and said: "Mom, do you have the heart not to accompany me?" I pretend not language, small warm continue to act in pettish way: "Mom, I need you to play with me." Look at her so sweet and greasy like, how can I refuse? And Paul said before, we went to the amusement park. Small warm familiar first off shoes, into the park. Due to the rainy days, no friends in the park, only a little sister sitting alone in the car. See the little warmth in the moment happily ran to her wild with joy, and want to play small warm. Sitting on the side of the little sister’s grandmother, she looked anxiously at the distance as if waiting for someone. I saw two children playing awfully, ask her: "your baby how much ah?" The little sister’s grandmother responded: "three years old, for the past 14 years." I asked her: "the child has been your belt, it should be very hard." She suddenly frowned, somewhat dissatisfied said: "yes ah, the child was born I have been with my daughter, no children. We come back that night, you are now 9 points are not people." I comforted her, "it might be a traffic jam on the outside." Sister grandmother continued to complain: "they ah, I know, play heart too heavy. Even the time will not want to accompany the child." She looked at us and said, "boy, you still need your parents. You see your baby lively bounce, our personality can be introverted, do not love to talk." Small warm to see us in the chat, but also came to hug my neck and I close. Baby grandmother saw envy said: "our home baby and her mother will never be like this, do not want her mother. I usually take more than usual, with much more. They are too selfish, they don’t deserve the child." I shook my head, a little do not understand. Children and parents should not be the most pro? Why do children grow older and more and do not need their parents? Small warm to see my figure will be excited to shout, "Mom, mom." Then y相关的主题文章:

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