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JINGWAH times: how is the Beijing International Music Festival? – View – People’s original title: How did the Beijing International Music Festival? The Beijing International Music Festival this year has been 19 years, at a high level of performance than today so good days, this is held annually in October, every three to four weeks of music party, for the city of classical music lovers represents a kind of pure and beautiful memories, each face nearly 30 games or so the performance of happiness or suffering distress, even the most generous as the shadow follows the form, have the time, I am afraid it is difficult to show all the friends, and had to spend time comparison and selection. But this year the problem seems not too difficult to answer, at least in the music festival in recent years, most rely on the opera plate, Britten opera "A Midsummer Night’s dream" first, should become the preferred program of this festival. In 2013 to commemorate the centenary of the British composer, music festival staged the most important works of Britten "War Requiem", and launched its revered opera "Peter in the opera stage Grimes?". The "midsummer night’s dream" is a complete version of the opera stage. From the prospective version to the art famous French Provence – AIKE Music Festival, director Robert? Carlson (RobertCarsen) is the artist’s most prestigious international opera director, directed by Shakespeare in the early years of themes, currently in Europe’s top popular opera, but people pay little attention to his early works which he directed. In 1991, Savon made the opera just help people a glimpse of what, in fact than opera fans, drama lovers have more reason to pay attention to this opera. Unlike the National Theatre of the usual repertoire of repertory system performances, hoping to escape the conventional music festival of the Italy opera system, each year will be more fresh, the introduction of domestic avant-garde repertoire. The history of opera, German Romanticism period (Wagner, Richard? Strauss) has been the main Beijing International Music Festival, now they see the focus to twentieth Century stage, it is even more radical, such as a submerged environment opera this year "Don Juan", and "3D" mini opera is the product of digital art annihilation the multimedia era, and the two opera venue is the Pacific in Sanlitun, the festival seems to have a bad feeling to play opera. Instrumental music and Symphony plate, facing the Beijing International Music Festival this year, the competition is very fierce, because the period of the National Grand Theater Concert Program is not only a large number, and the quality is very high: Mutter Pera Sia violin, piano, orchestra, Marlene J Ki Symphony Orchestra, Dresden Philharmonic, and pianist Schiff and North German Radio Philharmonic orchestra. But it is interesting for the music festival this year the opening concert was the National Theatre Orchestra, Shostakovich’s "forest song" at the outset, that trend this year’s festival symphony concert repertoire of Slavic style bias. As for the high light show, Dvorak is undoubtedly the 2+2 special Eastern European giants Czech Philharmonic Orchestra brings the two Symphony)相关的主题文章:

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