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"Jiangcheng police" exposed Lin Shen Yang Shuo poster transfer positive energy Sina entertainment news by Lin Shen [micro-blog], Yang Shuo [micro-blog], [micro-blog] Zhang Jianing, starring Jiang Xiaohan, Shi Liang, Qian Xiaoyun, Wei Jian, Luyao Wang, Li Mingqi, Kent Yip [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Fang Qingzhuo and co Star City Police warmth comedy "Jiangcheng police" for the first time released a set of warm family portrait posters, brought a warm the cold winter. With the poster exposure, a focus on community police life, positive energy transfer of public security teleplays, is about to kick off. Lin Shen Yang Shuo’s interpretation of 80 police cooperation true style family portrait posters, Lin Shen played the first uniformed police Yang, in answering the phone be absorbed in the community, this is his daily work state of trivial and busy; Yang Shuo played detective Wang Xinwei a casual, cool and full of eyes can not be revealed violations of the authority; Zhang Jianing’s New Street office staff Zhang Yan staring at Lin Shen, appreciate the reverence with the face; Jiang Xiaohan plays Yang Huan, a short hair is very capable, a funny laugh and convey optimism and cheerful personality. The drama director Liu Guang said, "Jiangcheng police" the creative many came from the police family. Yang Shuo’s father is a community police, also worked as a police officer; Lin Shen’s grandmother is the first batch of new China’s public security front, my father and I are police. A group of Police Children in the police to shoot things, this kind of real feeling must be able to resonate with the audience, but also prompted us to shoot more delicate and more realistic". He said, "Jiangcheng police" showing the Chinese 80 police true style, first they are 80, followed by the police, but no matter who they are, their roots did not change, the public security police spirit has not changed. They are a new generation of police, living in the Internet age, they meet the requirements of modern society. There are a lot of people in the real community police and the drama is like yang. I took this picture and showed it to some community police. They said, ‘we’re like this.’." Xicco gathered vivid portrayal of the community people being "Jiangcheng police" gathered in Wei Jian, Luyao Wang, Shi Liang, Du Gonghai, Li Mingqi, Fang Qingzhuo, Feng Guoqiang, Kent Yip, Yan Pei and other heavyweight play bone joining. From the poster point of view, each character is vividly presented in the role of the state, so that the quality of the cast also led to the audience of the drama of the story of curiosity and concern. In the play, Wei Jian and Luyao Wang as the first Yang parents is not only an important helper son in life, is the development of community work backing; Shi Liang’s police chief and Du Gonghai as the director of the police station Yang Xiangong between both the leadership, but also his brother and friends; "Meme" Li Mingqi plays the role of community elderly, to community police also rely on feelings than their loved ones; the bold party Qingzhuo created a pengci man from truculent and unreasonable to regret a previous mistake…… They through their experiences and stories, community residents reflect modern urban life and what they think, for. Kent Yip played the role of private entrepreneurs in the rapid change相关的主题文章:

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