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Jay Chou Wang Feng as   music understanding; talk talk, people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn "small half a year of time together", from the previous quarter to China "new song", for two years, Jay Chou and Wang Feng are getting more and more familiar with Taiwan, are getting more and more tacit understanding, be more the netizen called "Daddy alliance" from CP, grab the students "alliance" to private both love "high IQ" game, to humorous dialogue, teacher lounge close gap, the day before in an interview, said the two height is because the music foundation belong to the classical school, and similar write a song to listen to everybody. Jielun started playing the piano at age 4, Wang Feng 5 year old violin music education is the guarantee of good young now their music production, each with more than a dozen original album to sing for the teacher, in the creation is not what secret, just because the songs can make me happy, with the ordinary people not what different music agreed by others, the musical ability have a sense of happiness. "We are lucky when exposed to classical music, classical music learning society is" the ability of music ", whether rock or rap music, because the music is actually the foundation of classical." Two people together to talk about how to maintain high quality and high yield. Wang Feng said: "Jielun China wind" created a kind of aesthetic, his rap is actually the voice as an instrument, the melody and rhythm together, hearing very pleasant. Jielun first heard of Wang Feng’s creation, feel good Oh, very special chord. Two people in the creation, are advocating to write a simple good melody, and that creativity does not change with the growth of the outside world and decay. The excitement, said the two co writing a song in a very special way, perhaps Wang Feng Jielun wrote lyrics and melody, or is done with the "experiment and relay", each other in a comfortable state, complete the allocation and chorus. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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