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Japanese media: Obama government to give up the need to modify the new network in the new network in November 13, trade strategy – according to Kyodo news agency Xinhua reported to promote TPP Abe, due to congressional support, the Obama administration to give up year for the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) approved by the Congress must take effect. Japan and the United States and other 12 participating countries in order to establish the Asia Pacific Economic and trade rules formulated by the agreement becomes very difficult. It is reported that as the United States tends to inward, the trend of trade liberalization stalled, will likely lead to further slowdown in global economic growth. As an alternative to TPP, Trump may also explore the U.S. and Japan to conclude a bilateral trade agreement. Not only Trump, the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton in the presidential election against TPP, the Obama administration had to fight in the term before the end of this year the TPP approved by congress. Reported that the Obama administration might think that the attitude of Hilary to win a tougher, quit TPP Republican candidate Trump, both in the house and Senate majority Republicans could not support TPP, so decided to give up. White House deputy assistant to the president, Adeyemo, 11, said on the TPP, as far as I know, the Congress that (TPP) is the subject of discussion with the next president of the United States, said it was difficult to obtain congressional approval during the year. According to U.S. media reports, the United States and the Democratic Party and the leadership of the two parties have informed the government has no intention to promote the approval process TPP. U.S. Senate Republican leader Mcconnell at a press conference on the 9, said: TPP will never be submitted to congress." President Obama is scheduled to take part in the summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Peru this month with the TPP to participate in the summit, the u.s.. The Trump campaign advocated abandoning TPP, replaced by "with individual countries to conclude an agreement". 17 in the United States and New York, Japan’s prime minister Abe Shinzo talks, Trump may give up TPP, proposed a bilateral agreement with japan. The Andouble administration, which wants to increase exports and expand investment through TPP, has had to revise its trade strategy.相关的主题文章:

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