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Jewelry-Diamonds Jackie Brazil jewellery is designed by iconic Brazilian designer Sobral. This vibrant range of jewellery is inspired by the tropical colours of the rainforest and the vivacious style of carnival. Jackie Brazil jewellery has been exhibited at modern art galleries around the world including the Tate Modern in the heart of artistic London. This collection of jewellery has won its reputation as ‘wearable art’ because every piece is .pletely unique. Designed to be worn by women who have the desire to be bold, bright and beautiful this jewellery has a huge following across the globe. The Jackie Brazil jewellery collection is created from resin. The resin is made from a by-product of petrol that would normally go to waste. This colourless liquid is then transformed into an endless array of shapes, colours and sizes which .bine to make beautiful jewellery. Any left over pieces of resin are put back into the creation of other jewellery, creating the bright unique flecks of colour present across the range. These processes mean that the range is partly made from recycled materials, so not only is it amazing jewellery it is also almost .pletely eco-friendly from start to finish. Happily the good ethics of the .pany do not only extend to their creations, Sobral’s employees who are still located in Brazil are looked after very well. They receive good rates of pay and have access to physicians of both traditional and .plementary medicine, besides this they are also provided with language education and a retirement plan. When you hold the jewellery in your hands it is easy to tell that it has been made with a lot of love. Each piece is polished to perfection and laser etched with the designer’s name to ensure its authenticity. The jewellery also feels amazing against the skin; the resin is warmed by the heat of the body which makes it not only stunning to look at but enjoyable and .fortable to wear. It is also really easy to clean. Cleaning Jackie Brazil jewellery is really easy. It can be done with silicon based furniture polish or oil and a soft cloth. If it gets scratched then it can be polished with ‘Brasso’ or a similar product which will remove any scratches and return the jewellery to its original state. Chunky and tropical, Jackie Brazil jewellery has been seen on catwalks around the world in addition to regularly appearing features in major glossy fashion magazines including Elle, Tatler and Vogue to name but a few. The hot colours, constantly evolving range and unique qualities of every piece have made this a fashionista favorite. The distinctive jewellery definitely draws a lot of attention to it and there is nothing else like it in the world. If you want to make a big impact this is the way to do it. The range of colours and styles created by Sobral mean that you can constantly redefine your look, from cocktail rings, the fashion must-have of fall 2009, to necklaces and bracelets that bring the irrepressible vivacity of Brazil to any outfit. The multi award winning collection of Jackie Brazil jewellery will have you smiling from the moment it is in your hands! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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