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"It" Wuxi lightning attack on the incarnation of handsome swordsman – Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news by the mango TV Culture Co. Ltd., like the stars for entertainment group to bring its Zhejiang Dongyang Star Television Culture Co. Ltd. as the music CO produced, youth inspirational idol drama "attack," lightning, boot ceremony was held in Jiangsu Wuxi in November 16th. The play by the famous idol drama directed by Zhang Xiaozheng, Jiang Jinfu, Chen Yaan, George Hu, etc. the outstanding young actor starring. The Rio Olympic Games, Chinese men’s fencing group and the strength to conquer the audiences by Yan, as the first domestic fencing theme inspirational idol drama "attack," lightning is a concern to get ratings before the shooting. "Attack, lightning" boot ceremony ceremony sweet debut fencer on the 16 day incarnation of domineering early, wearing a coat of tea color appearance of youth inspirational idol drama "the onslaught of lightning," the starting ceremony, meatball head relaxed collocation signs tsetse sweet smile, add a lot of vitality to lazy winter. When the photo side of Jiang Jinfu will be particularly against tsetse petite, during the ceremony, George Hu and the Chen Yaan and the fresh flowers are also frequent interaction. The play is a worthy of the name of fencing Huarong white, with strong competition, everything does not concede the Huarong has an extraordinary tenacity and dedication in the learning process of fencing, looks sharp she actually has a soft heart. Soft adorable sister also has a good role to the dream of fencing for tsetse Practice Fencing graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy in tsetse, previously with "2" in the campus Belle personal master playing hot cold high IQ and extensive sister Qin warriors known. A soft character of her adorable cute, when talking about themselves are engaged in this occupation actor, on their own requirements and planning is quite mature. Everyone in this new emerge in an endless stream, are in the fight for more exposure, but the impatient, not the blind pursuit of exposure but calm down to enrich and improve the internal transformation and progress in acting, waiting for the real suitable opportunity, the admitted that this is for their own responsibility also is the identity of the actors for their respect. I believe "onslaught, youth" for tsetse is such an opportunity, in the starting ceremony after the tsetse immediately into intense shooting, let us look forward to working in the news, more about the.   相关的主题文章:

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