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IPhone call sound small? Try this quick! Do you often use iPhone to make a phone call is too small? Sometimes, even if the volume keys on the left side of the fuselage to the maximum, and it’s hard to hear each other in what to say. If you have the same problem, quickly set in accordance with the following methods, you will find that the volume of the iPhone can continue to increase. The first step is to choose an object to make a phone call, if you can not find the object or afraid of wasting the phone call, then give the small Wo 10010 call good. After the phone is turned on, press the volume button on the left side of the fuselage, the voice will be the largest, then you can hang up the phone. The second step is to enter the "Settings", "general", "accessibility", "hearing aid" from iPhone, and turn on the "hearing aid mode". The third step to make a phone call, you will find that when you press the left side of the volume button, the volume has been maximized in the original basis, you can continue to increase the volume. Note 1, the hearing aid mode off, enter the "Settings", "universal" and "auxiliary function", and open the "telephone noise elimination", can also improve the voice call. 2, hearing aid mode and noise to eliminate the two switches can not be opened at the same time, try to choose the most effective one can.相关的主题文章:

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