In the group by Rosenberger Marshal didn’t like that Kubica-tataufo

Marshal Luxemburgo Cuca: no super group that Rosenberger recently, Rosenberger publicly blasted a right to health club is shady, has aroused widespread concern. However, Rosenberger shelling seems even villagers do not support, after Scolari also defended Rosenberger kubica. The incident originated in October 4th to accept Brazil’s "Universal Sports" interview, Rosenberger openly said the fire, the right to health of the game is arranged, he also said: "the right to health gave me a very good promise, we have a three year contract, I need the right to health from a lead or super. I follow the right to health of the boss to visit the entire club, but when I became a coach after I discovered that, before the Chinese international team led by Li Weifeng has been involved in many affairs team. Li Weifeng and I later had a conflict, he even participated in some very bad things." For Rosenberger’s speech, the former Shandong Luneng coach KUKA commented: "I don’t remember what Rosenberger said what happened. I work Luneng Club, is supported by China’s State Grid direct injection, and never had any unpleasant things happen. On the contrary, I am very grateful to Luneng gave me the opportunity to go to China, so that I can learn in a new cultural environment. It was a great adventure and I have never had a negative memory of china." KUKA said: "I really enjoy Luneng in the work day. About five or six months later, the players began to understand me. After that we started a happy cooperation, the friendship between us is very beautiful." Obviously, KUKA was polite. Two days ago, Hengda coach Marcello Scolari directed Rosenberger’s speech: "his words is simply nonsense." Scolari said: "I’m sure I know the situation here. We don’t need to talk about anything special. Chinese FA also got the idea of the occupation league. Rosenberger is a good coach, but under the pressure of the team can not win, he will make some completely wrong remarks." Rosenberger on the 6 day of Scolari responded: "I have to say that when I talk about Chinese football thing, I would not generalize. In fact, I get the right to get the treatment is still very good, our boss, as well as the top team, they abide by their commitments. The problem I am referring to is the person who is responsible for the specific docking." Don’t know this about Chinese Brazil coach football "zuizhang", will continue to. Look at the top 12 national football tournament live, "sports + APP"! Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章:

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