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In the "Golden Bell award to marry a woman" will be directed by 6 finalists nominated – Sohu entertainment director of Sohu in the entertainment news yesterday, the fifty-first China TV Golden Bell Award finalists announced in Taiwan, it is understood that a total of 1949 works entered the competition this year, compared to last year increased 57, which, by the famous director in in the TV series "will be directed to marry a woman" won, including finalists nominated director award, award, drama actor, actress, supporting actress and drama screenplay award and six awards, is particularly interesting. "To marry a woman" tells the story of a special purpose small evil "will take the" bad woman gradually reverse the image is transformed into a butterfly, turned "mentality will marry a woman", after the broadcast ratings are rising, the official fan group episode aired shortly after breaking the one hundred thousand in second, the heat was spreading to the the mainland, by a lot of audience. Director in the middle has maintained a high standard and strict requirements for the script, content and lighting environment and other aspects of the requirements of the actor is particularly harsh. This can be nominated for the Golden Bell Awards with 6 nominations, in the director said: "thank you good news Taiwan family came, very happy to be nominated, can be sure, thank you!" It is understood that at present in the TV series "lie is busy shooting girlfriend", and directed by him the "shining day", "tea boy" synchronized diving have harvest decent ratings, another high value works Yan "dear princess," is a super high disease hits record more than 260 million since the broadcast by many enthusiastic fans.   相关的主题文章:

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