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The art market who most fraud painting calligraphy circle source: Author: Mou Jianping in the painting collection and investment, ancient calligraphy and painting is the highest threshold, it has also become a major disaster area "the most rampant fraud". 2016 spring auction, the ancient painting and calligraphy market was heating up, but the fake flooding phenomenon can not be ignored, needs to arouse the vigilance of collectors. In recent years, the domestic art auction market, if the most false, the most ancient painting and calligraphy artists, Yangzhou eight strange, the first Zheng Banqiao should be one of them. Check the auction data, Zheng Banqiao painting auction turnover ranked only after the Badashanren and Wen two, ranked third. The reason why repeated fraud, both because he is "Yangzhou eight strange" representative, widely known, full of legends, but also because of its painting price is not cheap, but also the fundamental reason to attract counterfeiters. Poem calligraphy and painting Zheng Banqiao (1693 – 1765), the word Name Xie, Rou, No. Jiangsu Banqiao, Xinghua. The world from Suzhou, the Ming Dynasty moved to Xinghua. Less solitary lean, odd vertical talent, beyond the class of persons. The 4 year old mother, a nurse, aunt tending. Should the imperial examination, Kangxi scholar, Yong Zheng ten years of Qianlong reign Juren, jinshi. Seven years of Qianlong eleven years in Shandong Province Ren, regulating Weixian, Qianlong at the end of seventeen to the official. The official period, "aiminruzi, the vast Baoju, leaving no slips", is a civil official rightwood. In the early eighteen to return to Xinghua, until thirty years of Qianlong’s death, 13 calendar years, during which many paintings in Yangzhou, and with the friends of sightseeing, poetry and wine. His footprints in Yangzhou as the center, with the painter Wang Shishen, Jin Nong, Gao Xiang et al have formed the famous "Yangzhou school", "life has experienced earlier in the official poverty – – old age selling paintings." the twists and turns of life. Zheng Banqiao was the all rounder painter known as "poetry, calligraphy and painting of the three. His poems in Du Fu style, concerned about the sufferings of the people, focusing on the performance of social reality. Huang Tingjian Su Dongpo, the calligraphy thawing of the body, with Kai zhuanli for the body and mixed with orchid and bamboo strokes into the book, the size varies, stone paved street, not only has the steep aspect of the new in order to be different, male, and handsome beautiful rhyme, called "the six half of the book". Ho Ching Shaoji rating book "imitation words Banqiao Banqiao Valley, between the blue bamboo intends, particularly interesting." The style of painting in ancient books, there, but like no two slab reach the acme of perfection. His paintings of the highest achievements, especially good at drawing bamboo twigs, thick leaves, lean Turkey, Superman style. The painting of the prominent mountain wild orchid, pen hideitsu, fragrance on people. Counterfeiters considerable calligraphy and Zheng Banqiao Inge high Juesu, popular writers, merchants of all ages, for many. He wrote in the letter: "close friends for a picture book, more exciting than in previous years, several times, belong to the same year colleagues and giant gentry, probably to a potential gift articles, have to." "The call of cable painting, paper product surplus case, urging the letter to, like snow, like thousands of debt owed, did not know can have settled on?" After the death of Zheng Banqiao, the counterfeiters are numerous, including the famous Shandong, Weifang, Tan Ziyou and the two people in the of the. But two people smell vulgar, or timid, it is difficult to study and work as Zheng Banqiao later on and slightly.相关的主题文章:

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