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In 2017 12 the zodiac horoscope fortune (Photos) nine, Zodiac Zodiac monkey monkey zodiac: monkey people, this year and star mixed, the overall fortune has increased, but the process is still the ups and downs of ease, often need to fill Wang growth plan will, because of inadequate conditions and missed machine, the flow is no echo the trend for the need to double, can be hard, do not wait passively, and should take the initiative to fight, although there will be a difficult situation, but as long as all the energy drive, was able to break through the barrier, the rapid assumption is not realistic, can have a good opportunity, but do not expect too high, can someone help, both has advantages and disadvantages, not a partnership, will have differences, there will be a villain, avoid hard-edged, suitable for keeping a low profile, good academic, enhance memory, avoid outside interference, Faith moves mountains, It is a feeling of emotional understanding, rise, to trust each other, need to moderate tolerance, for each other, you can, can increase income, leveraging the profit, loss and deceived like you care, not with the public speculation. [tips] resolve: avoid inauspicious exchanges, such as the graveyard, like garbage, suitable to have more exposure to the vitality of the living creatures, such as cats and dogs, such as flowering plants. [belongs to the rat] [belongs to the tiger] [belong to the rabbit] [belong to the dragon] [a snake] [belong to the horse] [belong to the sheep] [belong to the monkey] [belong to the chicken] [dog] [pig]相关的主题文章:

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