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If you have a girl on the bus if you take the initiative to close the property to worry about – the bus has a girl on the initiative to close to you…… Is it a beautiful encounter? Don’t blush, heartbeat, dreams, first look at the personal belongings of not less Henan Daily reporter Wu Zhixing in September 25th more than 10 points in the morning, 63 Road on the bus in Zhengzhou, a woman was caught stealing. Bus companies to remind people on the bus somehow close to you is not necessarily a good thing, both men and women should be careful. [event] put her hand into the bag, the driver, others stop! Don’t open the door! There is a thief on the bus!" The 63 bus car from the back of a woman cry. Pull the handbrake, commander Tian Guanghui stood up, he saw a bespectacled woman clinging to another woman’s hand bag, and repeatedly failed to break. Two people in the back door deadlocked. Originally, woman wearing glasses when the car felt shaking bag is different, looked down the side of a well-dressed woman’s hand inside the package. She took hold of the hand in the bag until the police arrived. Tian Guanghui said, the woman was found, has been in the hand gesture, "is like a deaf man." When the police arrived at the scene, they took a black woman from the car. Afterwards, from the surveillance video can be seen, the two woman on the train from the two Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University after eight road station, a man wearing a striped dress with women’s bags, a man wearing a fashionable dress back black shoulder bag. Zhengzhou city bus three company staff said, at the beginning, the passengers in the car, they have no chance. To the eight the Yellow River Road station gradually, just waiting to start. Remind someone on the bus close to be careful, many people on the bus, the thief love the crime on the bus." Bus company staff said, passengers and other vehicles must pay more attention to the car. On the bus to line up, don’t rush back; the best backpack in the chest, don’t feel back in front of unsightly. The girls don’t think you are near to jiese, another is there. Men also don’t think that beauty is close to you is attracted to you, and not everyone can meet. Full version of the public security alert, please pay attention to the reporter to accompany you to work (hnsbpb) WeChat public number, send reminder two words to the background, you can access to remind the full text". If you have any suggestions or opinions on this issue, welcome to WeChat.相关的主题文章:

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