Husband to wife stole the real behind the tricks is the original house sold to Beijing –

Husband to wife stole the real behind the "tricks" is the original house sold to Beijing – back in an online news according to the Anhui Daily reported recently, Hefei a man and his wife Sue, said she was carrying his own secretly sold the house, which sentenced invalid request. Do you hear this, do you think it is an ordinary family dispute? In fact, you may not think that this is a couple of smart show". Ms. Wang said before the fancy Hefei Shushan District, a high-end residential housing, and in consultation with the seller Ms. Zou to buy. A want to buy one to sell, and soon two people on a good price, signed the contract, pay a deposit, but later at inflated prices, Ms. Zou is some regret, feel cheap to sell, do not want to sell. The contract has been signed, the deposit also received, how can we say not to sell? Ms. Wang has repeatedly fruitless negotiations, too, we see you in court, Ms. Zou Yizhisuzhuangjiang to court, requesting the court to continue to perform the purchase contract. I did not expect at Ms. Zou was Ms. Wang sued at the same time, she was told her husband "". This is how to return a responsibility? The original Ms. Zou received court related litigation materials, the husband is going to court, said the house was in Ms. Zou without their consent to sell, do not count, request the court to sign Ms. Zou and Ms. Wang’s estate contract is invalid. Ms. Wang will understand this, which is "to his wife", is not the way to do not want to sell. The judge said the husband to his wife "it is useless, is to be rejected, as long as the Ms. Zou and Ms. Wang. The clear, between husband and wife things will be clear, the two thing is in the range of the same internal review. The judge said, "the husband to his wife" rejected not only saves judicial resources, but also improve the efficiency of litigation, especially in Hefei housing prices continued to rise under the environment of this kind to sue "stoutly rejected, can effectively prevent the parties to additional litigation (including appeals) delay the delivery of housing to time. The protection of the interests of the other party.相关的主题文章:

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