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Hundreds of people in Shenyang’s 20 year old Xian surname "Grandpa" appeared (Figure) – Beijing, October 30th, from around the country of nearly 300 people gathered in Shenbei New Area Xian surname "Xian", you know? It is a family name! The birthplace of this name is in Shenyang! In October 30th, the first session of Xian family worship ceremony "held in Shenyang City, nearly 300 people surnamed Xian from around the country gathered renzuguizong. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter learned that, behind this rare family name, contains a long history of cultural stories. "Kangxi dictionary" can not find it. "We don’t name Xi n, we have n name o!" Xian wave pointed at the hands of the 50 year old tree said. Speaking of his family, he had a stomach grievances: "Xian" is the word most people will not read, check all kinds of universal dictionary today, also could not find the word. After inquiries from reporters, statistics show that Liaoning Xian surname is a unique name, the word "Kangxi dictionary" is not included, the addendum and "Chinese Dictionary" included, but did not specify the name for. Reporters tried it, in the computer five pen shaped input method, not the "Xian" word. Subsequently, the reporter on the computer Pinyin input method, input "Xi a n", can play the "Xian" word. The first Xian family roots in October 30th, Shenyang city Shenbei New Area Xin Tun community particularly lively hanging ": the first Xian family worship ceremony" banner, household decorations, luoguxuantian street, everyone dressed in festive costumes, greeted with special guests from afar. "In the past, living here Xian surname is particularly concentrated, is the name of many house next door neighbours. In recent years, with the rapid economic development in urban fringe, the original village into the community, into the crops Institute of high-rise residential buildings, Xian surname residence increasingly dispersed." Daxin community Secretary Wang Lichun told reporters. I came to the party, the people have the surname with a surname "Xian". The party’s address is very special: Xian Jia hao! "Now here 844000, listen to grandparents originally said, here there is a tree and a temple, this is the birthplace of Xian’s family, is also our ancestral surname!" Over sixty years Xian Springfield said. Participants across 6 generations of "all the way, we are to come to Shenyang city roots!" The 80 year old Xian Long Xiang is the scene with the longest age. He told reporters that the guest has come from the northeast, but also from the north of Guangzhou, even years of living in the United States, Japan and other overseas Xian surnamed people have also sent a congratulatory message through the network, particularly impressive. The old man surnamed Xian filed Laiyou, told reporters that the people at the end of Qing Dynasty a general invisible forest, later married an otherworldly "Fairy" as his wife, having children. According to the investigation Xian family genealogy, at present has been developed to the eighteenth generation. "From the beginning of the eighth generation, Xian surname in Shenyang is divided into two branches: Shenbei New Area, Sujiatun Bayi Town Daxin community." Reporters learned that the party Xian name across the 13-18, a total of 6 generations. The longest length (Xian siangsen相关的主题文章:

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