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Huang Lichen: Rose Gold 1352 empty space lack clients view the latest market gold yesterday opened at 1326, the disc in the sideways trend, the dollar index has confined the matching period in Europe, the price began to go strong, Powei 1330 key position. The evening session announced the U.S. August ISM non manufacturing PMI and the United States in August employment market situation index data show, have less than expected and the previous value of the dollar index, the bad data directly after diving, fell below the 95 mark to continue downward, refresh this week low, affected by the factors, the price of gold continues to be strong, stand above the 1340 mark, at U.S. dollar index intraday again fell, the lowest reach 94.7 position, the price of gold rose to expand to 1352, the highest position. Payrolls data released on Friday showed poor, yesterday announced the U.S. August ISM non manufacturing PMI index of labor market in August and continue to show weakness, suppress the Fed’s September interest rate expectations, investors expected the Fed likely interest rate hike in September, from the data published before 30% to 15%, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in December the possibility. From the data published before 47% to 50.8%. U.S. August ISM non manufacturing PMI announced value of 51.40, the lowest level since February 2010, the data is far lower than the expected value of 54.90 and the previous value of 55.50; the United States in August ISM non manufacturing price index released value of 51.8, the lowest level since January 2010 August, the U.S. non manufacturing ISM new orders index released value is 54.4. The lowest level since December 2013. Poor performance of the ISM data, will suppress the market for August payrolls data will be expected to be repaired. In August, the emphasis on the non farm payrolls data in, the next non farm payrolls data will often be published in the last five years, the United States in August the average non farm payrolls data was revised to 71 thousand. However, the weak ISM data, so that the next data released, in August, even if the non farm payrolls data to be repaired, but the possibility of more than 200 thousand people became full of suspense. In August the United States announced the employment market conditions index value of -0.7, the first half of this year, the data has been in a negative state, the July data show good, but again in August below zero, will undoubtedly add investors worried about the U.S. job market, but also confirms the weakness of the U.S. payrolls data in August. Several published data in September for the weak, almost have suggested an increase in September is hopeless, although investors expect the Federal Reserve in September is still likely to increase interest rates, but bad data is dovish Fed officials to provide support, also make the Fed’s September meeting full of disputes. However, the probability of interest rate hike in December, in this expectation, or to obstruct the price of gold continues to rise. The last week of time, a series of weak data to make the price of gold to reverse the decline, with the Fed rate hike in September is expected to reduce the dollar, have been suppressed, the price of gold to be supported with the power to continue upward, but the top of the 1355-1358 before the area still has a very high.相关的主题文章:

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