Huang Lei’s directorial debut trouble on his wife Sun Li joined the family entertainment

Huang Lei’s directorial debut "trouble" on his wife Sun Li joined the family Sohu entertainment starting ceremony Yamada Yoji Click to enter [gift basket] Sohu HD Photo Entertainment News Comedy Film "trouble" family boot in Beijing in November 14th, the film director, screenwriter and actor Huang Lei, starring Lichun Lee, Sun Li, Zhang Weixin attended the opening ceremony. The film is directed by Huang Lei’s film debut, produced by Jiang Zhiqiang, a remake of the Japanese national director Yamada Yoji works "family suffering", tells the story of an ordinary family warm and funny stories. On day, Yamada Yoji specially ordered flowers sent to the boot ceremony, said support. Treat yourself to the director’s film debut, Huang Lei frankly hope to keep Yamada Yoji on the film’s artistic attitude, "face" with a clean, so careful attitude also get the praise of Lichun Lee. It is reported that Hai Qing, Wang Xun, and other actors will also join the family trouble family in the middle of the "family" in the family, "", and so on. ". Director Huang Lei field work as Huang Lei film debut final boot Lichun Lee praised the "keep cool" after years of performing arts circle grinding experience, Huang Lei finally ushered in his directorial debut "trouble" in the family, the boot ceremony, Huang Lei for this work himself said he was looking forward to, because contributed to this cooperation is very precious. At the same time, Huang Lei frankly never wanted such a movie director, also want to shoot one of the most simple plain film, some sad warmth and joy". Huang Lei met with the old actor Lichun Lee also said very appreciation and affirmation of his attitude, praise to "be the director, the first time to keep cool, is also very cautious, really terrible!" "Trouble" into the house "family" of Sun Li Huang Lei and his wife Sun Li were "troublesome family" Lichun Lee, Zhang Weixin and Hai Qing into the house story happened in a common family warm and funny story, the family team is looking forward to. Is known as the entertainment model husband Huang Lei in the movie together with his wife Sun Li, CO starred in a couple, Huang Lei Sun Li scene in the film "my wife said with a smile, life is my wife". In addition, the joy of trouble family is also composed of actors Lichun Lee, Zhang Weixin, and so on, and so on, the family members will continue to expand with the composition of, Hai Qing, Wang Xun, and. As the master of the family, Lichun Lee said at the opening ceremony, I hope to come out of the atmosphere from the joy of the family, to be able to break out, to the busy society now bring the audience relaxed". Adapted from the Yamada Yoji movie "family suffering" Huang Lei looked shoot moving family comedy film "trouble family" rescreens from the Japanese national director Yamada Yoji’s comedy "the family suffering", reputation in the local Japanese film harvest bursting at the Shanghai Film Festival during the show, it is difficult to get a ticket. In the works of Yamada Yoji, Huang Lei said he appreciated the show in the mood, "film as an art rather than a technical or commercial treatment, not more inflammation, but also not detour, face" with a clean, and he hopes he can also be such a mood.相关的主题文章:

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