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The daughter of Hu Qiaomu talk on corruption: Revolutionary successors should follow the General Secretary Xi Beijing Yanan children association president, daughter of Hu Qiaomu Hu Muying in the new year’s party meeting to the new year. Chinese youth network reporter Zhang Yanliang photo Chinese youth network February 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yanliang) the afternoon of February 21st, the Beijing Yanan Children Association 2016 spring festival celebrations will be held in Beijing, nearly eight hundred generations of revolution gathered cheerfully and friendship, to celebrate the lunar new year. Yanan children association president Hu Muying will be the New Year message for the Party Central Committee’s work in the gathering point like gas. She said: "in 2015, in the grand blueprint of the Party Central Committee under the guidance of promoting the coordination of" four comprehensive "strategy, the initiative to lead the economic development of the new normal, successfully dealing with the major risks and challenges, economic strength, technological strength, national defense strength and international influence are a new stage. All the ground, do not know if you noticed, many regulations and rules introduced last year, the detailed, specific and operable measures, how can we achieve the grand blueprint! "In recent years, Yanan Children Association’s New Year message, will focus on the past national social ink the big event of the year. This year, Hu Muying focused on military reform. She said: "the army reform conforms to the new situation, new conditions and new requirements. Such a big movement, so orderly and rapid implementation, shows that the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the absolute leadership of the army. We believe that the people’s army will be in the process of modernization is more and more strong; the task of safeguarding world peace, protect our homes and defend our country will be more well done! "Hu Muying said in an interview with reporters Chinese youth network, in fact he is" don’t want to say so, because from 2012 that the Chinese new year meeting to speak, put forward some advice about the relief of doubt, then caused a greater response in the society, so people began to pay attention to the attitude and trend of red two generation ". We think it’s also a good way to let the society know what the revolutionary descendants support and oppose. So two years, I will say a couple of words, the usual comments on the idea through this opportunity to express." In this year’s gathering at the meeting, Hu Muying noted that the year of the monkey on the eve of the Spring Festival, the general secretary Xi Jinping went to Jinggangshan to visit the old revolutionary masses, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, visited the former residence of Chairman Mao, and again said: "we are the servants of the people", the General Secretary Xi, most concerned about the most stressed people are always. Hu Muying said: "the General Secretary Xi in Jinggangshan said, let us recall that since he took office, regardless of the size of the meeting, or around the in-depth research, people will always be his most often said, most need the most emphasized. "Firmly establish a people-centered development philosophy" and "adhere to the people-centered creative orientation" in the way of poverty alleviation, not fall of a poor family, leaving a poor people "to the villagers home, chat with them, there are difficulties in their life, I feel worried. I’m happy for every good thing they live Such words are too numerous to mention. Have such a heart to think 5

胡乔木之女谈反腐:革命后代要紧跟习总书记 北京延安儿女联谊会会长、胡乔木之女胡木英在新春团拜会上致新年贺词。中国青年网记者张炎良摄   中国青年网北京2月22日电 (记者 张炎良)2月21日下午,北京延安儿女联谊会2016新春团拜会在京举行,近八百名革命后代齐聚一堂,畅叙友情,共贺新春。   延安儿女联谊会会长胡木英在团拜会新年贺词中为党中央的工作点赞加油。她说:“2015年,在党中央的宏伟蓝图指导下,协调推进‘四个全面’战略,主动引领经济发展新常态,成功应对重大风险挑战,经济实力、科技实力、国防实力、国际影响力都迈上了新台阶。各方面都脚踏实地,不知道大家注意到没有,去年出台了多少条例、规定,有这些详细的、具体的、可操作的措施,我们的宏伟蓝图怎能不实现!”   近几年延安儿女联谊会的新年贺词中,都会将笔墨聚焦于过去一年国家社会发生的大事。今年,胡木英重点提到军队改革。她说:“军队改革顺应了新形势、新条件、新要求。如此大的动作,如此有条不紊而迅速地实施,表明了以习近平为总书记的党中央对军队的绝对领导。相信我们人民军队一定会在现代化进程中越来越强;保家卫国、维护世界和平的任务一定会更出色地完成!”   胡木英曾在接受中国青年网记者采访时表示,其实一开始自己也“没想过要这么说”,是因为从2012年那次新春团拜会上的发言,一口气提出了几个针砭时局的疑问,后来在社会上引起了比较大的反响,“这样人家才开始注意到‘红二代’的态度和动向。我们觉得能通过这样的机会让社会知道革命后代到底支持什么反对什么,也是一个很好的方式。所以这两年我也就多说了两句,把大家平常议论的意见通过这个机会表达出来。”   在今年的团拜会上,胡木英特别提到,猴年春节前夕,习近平总书记前往革命老区井冈山看望老区群众,缅怀革命先烈,瞻仰毛主席故居,并再次讲到“我是人民的勤务员”,这说明习总书记最记挂、最强调的永远是人民群众。   胡木英说:“习总书记在井冈山上说的话,让我们回想到他上任以来,无论在大小会议上、还是深入各地调研中,人民群众永远是他最常说,最挂记,最强调的。‘牢固树立以人民为中心的发展理念’‘坚持以人民为中心的创作导向’‘在扶贫的路上,不能落下一个贫困家庭,丢下一个贫困群众’‘到乡亲们家中,同他们聊天,他们的生活存在困难,我感到揪心。他们生活每好一点,我都感到高兴。’这样的话语举不胜举。有这样一心想着广大人民群众、努力实践为人民服务的领导,我们有什么理由不拥护不点赞呢?”   胡木英还呼吁革命后代继承父辈的信仰和斗志,活到老,学到老,干到老。“金猴奋起千钧棒,玉宇澄清万里埃!”同时,她建议老同志们在身体允许的前提下,积极响应党中央从严治党的要求,为传承党的优良作风、恢复党的健康肌体做出力所能及的贡献。   “现今,习总书记诠释了中国特色社会主义这条道路既不是传统的,也不是外来的,更不是西化的,而是我们独创的,是一条人间正道。尽管当前内外形势环境错综复杂,新情况、新问题前所未有;尽管西方敌对势力遏制、诋毁、唱衰中国,极力煽动推翻共产党和社会主义制度;尽管国内积累的腐败非一日之寒,特别是思想理论战线的混乱和腐败现象还未太大改变,我们要坚定信念,星星之火可以燎原!我们要认真领会党中央的战略布局,跟上习总书记的步伐,既不要急躁,更不要悲观,要有打持久战的决心!”胡木英说。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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