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Pets Pets are a part of 63% of American households, which is over 69 million homes. And 45% of those homes have more than one pet. Approximately 37 million homes own a cat, and 43 million own a dog. All of this means that the market for pet supplies is guaranteed to be steady, and in fact, has grown by $2-$3 billion dollars annually, since 2002 with an estimated expenditure for 2006, to reach $38.4 billion dollars. Could this be the time to start a pet supplies and accessories business? If you go about it the right way, and invest time and thought in your approach, you are more likely to outlast the five year "new" period that sees so many businesses close. What is your business going to sell? That is entirely up to you. There is a growing market for a variety of pets, with dogs and cats leading the way. In both areas, toys, and gourmet treats are hot .modities, as are designer duds for the family pooch. You can start a business entirely from your own resources, making the treats yourself, with a custom-designed package, and spreading word locally through free samples, and appearances at pet-related events such as dog and cat shows, or pet expos. A well-designed website is also an excellent idea. People get visuals of what you are selling, and the easier it is negotiated, and the more information you provide them about your products, the more likely they are to return, and to refer you to their friends. To get you started, you might instead decide to go with an established .pany that offers .missions and bonuses on sales that you make at home parties or though a website. The advantages are less overhead, not having to carry stock, and not doing the shipping. What tips the balance, can be how much independence you want with your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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