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Business As early as 2005, Mazda has made revolutionary changes in its diesel engine by adding turbochargers that boast of improved .mon rail direct injection. This gives better torque and more horsepower with a relatively low .pression and lower .bustion temperature. Until now, Mazda uses rotary engine designs and if you will really think about it, rotary engines are too old since they were first used in the 1800s. This old technology poses problems to Mazda owners in terms of fuel efficiency, torque, and the diesel engine in general. The striking good news is that there is a solution to this. Chip It Performance Module is designed to solve the Mazdas issues with torque and fuel efficiency at a lesser cost. Maximize Air and Fuel Most diesel engines do not have butterfly valves that control the air that .es in the engine. This is unlike petrol engines that have throttle plates. Diesel engines take air without control and without restriction. The air taken is then transported to the .bustion chamber where it is burned with the diesel fuel. This burning process called .bustion stroke determines the speed and power of the car. Since there is no control on the amount of air intake, there is so much air left unused in the .bustion chamber. This is called residual air. This residual air is what Chip It uses to ignite the extra diesel. The Chip It Performance Module is designed to time the release or injection of diesel carefully to balance the amount of fuel with the amount of air in the .bustion chamber. This solves the torque and fuel efficiency problems .mon to Mazda with diesel engines. Retune Diesel Particulate Filters Every diesel engine has a proves called post burn injection. This is a burning process that happens after the .bustion of air and fuel. The engines are designed to burn fuel to burn the soot that has accumulated in the engine. This, however, results to waste fuel because the burned fuel does not really convert into power. It is only burned for cleaning the engine. Chip It Performance Module can help by tuning the release of fuel and maximizing the air intake as mentioned earlier. The result of this finely tuned .bination of burning fuel and air results to less soot and therefore, there is lesser need to .plete the cleaning process or the post burn injection. With lesser cleaning proves, lesser amount of diesel fuel is consumed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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