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Intelligent Home Furnishing industry blue sea how the future will achieve a qualitative leap? About Home Furnishing, maybe we are not unfamiliar, it is now a intelligent society, mobile phone, computer and other watches, and Internet stuff are intelligent design, convenience we can clearly feel the smart. However, compared to the popularity of smart home road is not so smooth. The industrial chain began to take shape, smart range expanding the concept of smart home has long been, but there has been no specific implementation plan. Until 1984, the city office building named the world’s first intelligent building, opened the prelude to the construction of smart home. The rise of intelligent Home Furnishing is based on two aspects: one is the qualitative change of the widely spread of the Internet, on the other hand is to enhance the level of consumption. Now the consumer demand, is no longer the past casual but involves comprehensive solution prompted by a sudden impulse, in many ways for life. Whether it is the building decoration industry, communications industry, or home appliance industry, smart home is a huge space for development of the industry. But the premise is to achieve mastery of many industries, or cross-border integration. Nowadays, intelligent sweeping robot, intelligent toilet cover, these seemingly single product, bring convenience to our life, but also become the intelligent family continue to overcome industry starting point, with the further deepening of the intelligent Home Furnishing, covering the industrial scope also involves a number of areas of household appliances, communications, medical etc.. Cloud computing, big data, such as the extension of the Internet, but also to provide support for the construction of smart home platform. Intelligent Home Furnishing industry has ushered in the outbreak of the opportunity, the industrial chain has taken shape, the hardware equipment to improve the quality of the sensor chip, the software system provides technical support, gradually reduce the cost for large-scale production of technical bottleneck breakthrough; the development of Internet and software technology, including mobile Internet, especially the big data and machine learning, artificial the intelligent level of progress, many products initially formed. With more and more intelligent products, mutual cooperation and communication will be reflected more clearly. "The exciting details" may become a popular problem of intelligent Home Furnishing intelligent Home Furnishing Chinese around 2000 started, but then only in the exploration and study of a prospective niche industry. From the beginning of 2014, Google acquired Nest, lit intelligent Home Furnishing boom, a period of time, including a large number of Internet companies, home appliance enterprises, operators, and some entrepreneurial team, hit off, have entered into this industry to intelligent Home Furnishing. With a huge market prospect and seize the ecological chain of the first mover advantage, intelligent Home Furnishing has long been coveted by all parties xiangbobo. However, we all want to make intelligent way Home Furnishing million, but is not all smooth. "Hot cold", the standard is not unified, the user needs to grasp, not to slow down Home Furnishing intelligent enterprise. The most serious is the product of intelligent Home Furnishing interoperability problems, especially in the communication protocol play the biggest role, is a hotly contested spot. Although the smart Home Furnishing heady, but the deadlock.相关的主题文章:

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