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How can a compressed schedule construction field "stubborn" – Sohu comments according to people’s Daily reported that the state security commissioned before the convening of a national production safety emergency video conference pointed out that the Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant "11? 24" in particular major collapse accident losses, profound lesson. From the initial grasp of the situation, and the construction unit compression duration, assault production, construction organization is not in place, management confusion and other related. As the most serious casualties in the power industry over the past decade, the accident is indeed painful lesson. The State Council yesterday in Fengcheng "11? 24" accident investigation team held its first plenary meeting, clearly no matter what the people involved are to check inventory, a check in the end". I believe it will be dealt with according to law, strict accountability back closure. From the official preliminary investigation results, the compression duration indeed became one of the reasons. This is worth warning: any project will have the construction cycle according to the laws of science, once the compression period, will inevitably raise the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, "rush deadlines" phenomenon is quite common. Liang Jianming, President of the Guangdong construction industry association has revealed that the construction companies now almost no pressure duration. Some accidents also called evidence, many "short-lived construction" "crash", even contrary to the law of "three side (side project planning, design and construction side by side)". Harbin Yangming beach bridge collapsed behind, a bridge across the river rush deadlines "– 3 years to complete the original plan, finally only 18 months it was completed. A compressed schedule of construction projects "stubborn" fundamental reason is profit driven. To the construction unit, the shorter the duration of the project completed earlier, will soon put into use, as soon as possible to save money but also to make money from the project; the construction unit, the shorter the duration, equipment rental fees, human resource investment is less, the cost of capital is lower. Besides, there is the "rush deadlines" when the results look like. The three phase project of Fengcheng power plant was traced to held "to fight 100 days of mobilization meeting. Many projects have been encouraged to "rush deadlines", in order to show off the construction efficiency and fighting spirit etc.. According to the cover news reported that in March 29th of this year, there are people in charge of the central enterprises to Fengcheng power plant million units project site research, but also on the project department in the case of a serious lag in the drawings do not rely on the point of praise. The drawing is a construction guide, but also guide the schedule delay, how absurd? Efficiency first, safety is taboo on. "More", not only pay attention to the "fast", "". Catch the time limit for a project is widespread, the final need for engineering supervision and supervision in place. The Ministry of Construction issued a notice requiring any unit or individual may impose design, construction units with an emergency contract schedule, rush deadlines. Seven ministries issued a notice in 2009, stressed the seriousness of the duration of the challenge, is strictly prohibited regardless of the objective laws of time to intervene in the adjustment. But some regulators implement the provisions did not take heart ". Soft, and the illegal punishment of rush deadlines. China’s "Regulations on the quality of construction projects," provides that any reasonable compression period, ordered to correct, at 200 thousand yuan more than 500 thousand yuan fine. Accident risk and loss ratio due to compression schedule,.相关的主题文章:

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