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Hainan Airlines announced the Samsung Note7 machine to disable the civil aviation authority has not yet issued a ban on JINGWAH Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) reporter yesterday learned from HNA Group, HNA Group’s carrying banned employees accused of explosion risk of Samsung GalaxyNote7 mobile phone check-in or consignment, nor accept travelers on the plane GalaxyNote7, charge or shipment. Hainan told reporters that the brand mobile phone explosion and fire occurred in the global scope, the Federal Aviation Administration and the European aviation safety agency the equipment classified as dangerous goods, some foreign airlines have announced during the flight ban or charge, not with the baggage. HNA according to the relevant safety management regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, issued internal operational risk prevention notice, to further strengthen the monitoring and management of passengers carrying and using electronic products, prohibited lithium batteries, mobile phones with luggage checked and other acts affecting flight safety. The reporter noted, HNA Capital Airlines yesterday morning also issued a notice to disable the Samsung Note7, Samsung GalaxyNote7 "released only a month, resulting in a total of 35 causes cell defects occurred in the global scope of the explosion and fire accident, for all passengers and crew safety, capital airlines do not accept passengers the use of Samsung GalaxyNote7, charge or baggage on the plane". It is worth noting that the security risks of this series of mobile phones also affect the concerns of the multinational transportation sector. The United States, Japan, South Korea have issued a public warning, requiring domestic airlines not to allow passengers to use Note7 phones on the aircraft. In September 8th, the FAA issued a statement saying, "strongly recommend that passengers do not start the Note7 mobile phone or charge it after boarding, and don’t put it in checked baggage. Japan’s Ministry of land and transportation issued a similar warning on September 9th, requiring domestic airlines not to allow passengers to use Note7 phones on airplanes. According to Yonhap news report, South Korea’s Ministry of Communications issued a statement on September 10th, requiring Note7 mobile phone users to complete the aircraft shutdown, and the phone can not be placed in checked baggage. Many airlines have also to Note7 mobile phone ban, including Singapore Airlines, Australian Airlines, virgin Australia Airlines and Emirates Etihad Airways company. Civil aviation research expert Lin Zhijie pointed out that this ban will not have much impact on passengers, because originally the civil aviation authority banned passengers in the use of mobile phones during the flight. Now only further request not to charge, not to check it. It’s okay to shut down or carry it." It is also learnt that the CAAC has not issued a ban on the Samsung GalaxyNote7. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

海航宣布机上禁用三星Note7 民航局还未下达禁令   京华时报讯(记者郝少颖)记者昨天从海航集团了解到,海航禁止集团旗下员工携带被指有爆炸风险的三星GalaxyNote7手机登机或者托运,也不接受旅客在飞机上使用GalaxyNote7、充电或者托运。   海航方面向记者表示,上述品牌手机在全球范围内发生多起爆炸和起火,美国联邦航空管理局和欧洲航空安全局将其设备列为危险品,国外部分航空公司已经宣布飞行期间禁止使用或充电,不得随行李托运。海航根据民航局相关安全管理规定,下发内部操作风险防范通知,进一步加强对旅客携带和使用电子产品的监控管理,严禁含锂电池手机随行李托运等影响飞行安全的行为。   记者注意到,海航集团旗下首都航空昨天上午也发布了一则禁用三星Note7的通知,“三星GalaxyNote7发布仅一个多月,在全球范围内共发生35起因电池缺陷造成的爆炸和起火事故,为了各位乘客和机组人员的安全,首都航空不接受旅客在飞机上使用三星GalaxyNote7、充电或行李托运”。   值得注意的是,该系列手机的安全隐患同样牵动多国交通部门的担忧。美国、日本、韩国相继公开发布警告,要求国内各航空公司不要让乘客在飞机上使用Note7手机。   9月8日,美国联邦航空局发表声明称,“强烈建议”乘客在登机后不要启动Note7手机或为其充电,也不要把它放在托运行李里面。日本国土交通省9月9日发布类似警告,要求国内各航空公司不要让乘客在飞机上使用Note7手机。据韩联社报道,韩国交通部9月10日发表声明,要求Note7手机用户在乘坐飞机时全程关机,且手机不能放在托运行李内。   不少航空公司也纷纷向Note7手机下达禁令,包括新加坡航空、澳大利亚航空、维珍澳大利亚航空和阿联酋阿提哈德航空等公司。   民航研究专家林智杰指出,这一禁令对旅客不会有太大影响,“因为本来民航局就禁止旅客在飞行过程中使用手机。现在只不过进一步要求不得充电,不得托运而已。关机随身带还是可以的。”   另据悉,目前民航局还未下达关于三星GalaxyNote7的禁令。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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